Big News!

OMG!  I bought a bike! 

Yeah, yeah. I know.  I just posted about how I keep things low tech. I promise not to go out and buy a Garmin, but I am so excited!

I honestly never expected to be riding a new one, but you rock! They had this one on an unbelievable deal today. 

I had contacted KC over at 140 point 6 miles of Awesomeness and we chatted back and forth this morning about her experience with the bike and she gave it a great review.  

I have to wait 5-7 days for shipping and then will have to have the bike shop put it together.  So, I'll only have a few weeks of training on it before Ironman Lonestar 70.3 on April 9th.

In the meantime, join me in doing the happy dance! :)  I'm going to need some name suggestions!

Fit-N-Wise Triathlon Series - Facebook Page

Just got our Facebook page up and running for the Fit-N-Wise Triathlon Series.

If you get a chance, drop by and "Like" us!  :)

Click HERE.


Training Drone & the Elitests

I'm starting to feel like a training drone.  I have my set workouts for the week and I do what I can to get them done.

I'm so set on the routine, that it seems like if I'm not doing two-a-day workouts during the weekdays, I feel lost.

Every day is different, so it's not like I'm just dredging through the workouts.  I kind of feel like I'm on a search-and-destroy mission to hit my training hours.  How nerdy is that?


I was also given a dose of elitest mentality, who made me realize how low-tech of a training person I am - and that I'm quite okay with it.

A conversation this weekend with a guy I met out at TMS regarding my Ironman Texas training: 

Him-  "How long have you had your bike?" 

Me- "Just a couple years. I just got into tri's in 2009.  Wasn't sure if I was going to stick with them, so I really didn't plan on investing in one. I got this one on eBay. Going from a sprint to Ironman in a little over a year and a half took me by surprise, too."

Him-  "So, do you have a coach?" 

Me- "No, I created a hybrid plan that follows the Don Fink plan, but customized to my training time available."

Him-  "How are you tracking of your progress, then?"

Me- "I log everything on"

Him-  "Oh.  Do you use a Heart Rate monitor?"

Me-  "No. I'd consider Zone 2 for me is if I can have a conversation, like we are now... Zone 4 would be lungs attempting to jump out of throat."

Him- "Do you have a watch?"

Me- "Yes, but I left it at home.  I average about 3 laps an/hour out here... give or take." 

Him-  Awkward Pause.   "Do you even wear sunglasses?"

Me- "Yes, but I left those at home too.  Not a reason to give up the ride for today."

No, I don't ride the newest, fastest bike. I'm (probably) not going to qualify for Kona.  But, seriously don't judge me because I choose not put my training in the hands of a coach or have a heart rate monitor beeping at me every 15 minutes to tell me what to do or how I'm doing it.  I've survived this long without one- I think I'll do just fine. Old school, or not - Thank you very much!

Hope everyone is having a great week! :)

Ironman Texas Practice Swim - April 30th at 7am


TJ Fry, owner of the Swim Shops of the Southwest, in conjunction with TYR,  is proud to sponsor the Ironman Texas and CB&I Triathlon practice swim. The  swim will be on April 30th and start at 7am. The course is a 1.2 mile swim that will roughly mimic the first section of the Ironman swim (get there early and swim it twice if you want). 

TJ will also be putting on a swim clinic and will cover everything from the mass start to navigating tips, pacing, conditions, and strategies to get you to Town Green Park and off on your bike.

Swim Shops will also be on hand with the WTC legal #1 selling TYR Torque, goggles tri gear, and anything else you might need.

To sign up for the clinic or the swim, go to: and search “triathlon”

Cost is $35 if you are not competing in CB&I.

Visit TJ's blog page, here.  Visit SwimShops of the Southwest here.

2011 Fit-N-Wise Triathlon Series

Finally!  I have all the materials in place to announce what I've been working on!  Yay!

The 2011 Fit-N-Wise Triathlon series!

Geared towards beginner triathletes looking to get started in the sport. Our sprint-distance races are limited to 100 participants per race, so that you don’t feel lost in the crowd and are staffed with race volunteers to help you figure out where to go and what to do. We welcome athletes of every body type, age, and fitness level, so no matter who you are – you will fit in!

May 7 - Hooty's Kids Triathlon
    -Kids ages 10 and under
    -$20, includes t-shirt & finisher's medal

June 11-  Try the Tri Sprint Triathlon
     -250y swim | 8 mi bike | 2 mi run
     -$30, includes t-shirt & finisher's medal

July 9-  Corporate Tri Relay
     -Teams of 1 swimmer, 1 biker & 1 runner (100 max teams)
     -250y swim | 8 mi bike | 2 mi run
     -$50per team, includes t-shirt
     -Trophies for top 3 women's, men's & mixed teams

August 13- Hula Girl Sprint Triathlon
     -All-Women's Tri
     -250y swim | 8 mi bike | 2 mi run
     -$30, includes t-shirt & finisher's medal
     -USAT sanctioned

All races are at Fit-N-Wise in Decatur, Texas.  The swim is in a heated, indoor pool.  The bike takes place on a scenic, country road with a few Texas hills included to keep the course challenging.  The run is all on paved, cement roads. 

Register on!

Many thanks to our Web Manager, Blake for the logo design and web page development and putting up with my umpteen changes; Michelle for allowing me to bounce logo concepts and names to no end and to Mike Bowers, the originator of the Try the Tri at Wise Regional and the Race Director for the series. The Try the Tri in July 2009 was my first triathlon and started me on this crazy journey! :)

If you want to volunteer, sponsor or help support one or all of these events, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Making Lemonade & 100 days until Ironman Texas!

Not from today... but this was the
wetsuit I donned at the pool
It is COLD here in Texas!  I know for you Northerners, this is probably just a mild Spring, but I'm freezing tail.  A California-born girl, I do not know how to drive in snow or ice and I don't own jackets that are warm enough to deal with wind chills like this! The summer sunshine can't come soon enough! :)

So, today I made some lemonade out of a lemon situation.   The pool heater at my gym is on the fritz.  I swam on Monday and they said it was 76 degrees.  There's no way.  It had to be closer to 74 or below.  I did a 3000yd (with sets) swim and I can assure you it dropped my body temperature, because I could not get warm for the rest of the day/ night.  (snicker, snicker... yes, I'm a pansy).

I was scheduled for another 3,000y swim today.  So, rather than skip the swim, I brought my wetsuit.  It was glorious!  I did a straight swim and finished in record time.  I felt like I was cheating it was so easy, but I pushed hard, so my arms are definitely feeling it.

Anyway... I'm getting the workouts in and done without excuses! 100 days until Ironman Texas!  Someone please get me a paper bag to blow in to!


I was reading about this guy, who ran a marathon a day for an entire year and saw a link for this video:

A Japanese runner takes the wrong turn and follows the camera truck right at the finish of the marathon. 

My heart goes out to the guy, but then I busted up laughing when the reporter said "I've never seen that happen."

Well, honey...  it does.  I guess since I wasn't leading, it didn't make the news.  Perhaps I should start a support group for wrong-way runners.  Ha!  :)  Have a great day!

Awesome-est Race Medal

2011 Little Rock Marathon Medal
Ok, I've been running races for about 11 years now.  So, I've seen a lot of great medals.  However, I was just sent a picture of this one for the upcoming Little Rock Marathon.

That is freaking awesome!!

A full marathon is not really part of my plan so close to Ironman Texas, but if I did a run - walk combo and paced myself???

Just checked Google Maps and it's about a 6-hour drive.

Considering... Race Day is Sunday, March 6.

(Please Note: Not paid to endorse any of this, it was just sent to me by a friend.)

Here's more information:

Little Rock Marathon Unveils 2011 Finisher’s Medal

(Little Rock, February 4, 2011) – Little Rock Marathon race officials unveiled the 2011 version of its marathon finisher’s medal today in Little

The Little Rock Marathon is presented by the Arkansas Democrat Gazette and will be held March 5 – 6 in downtown Little Rock.

“In 2004, Runner’s World Magazine reported that we gave out the ‘world’s largest marathon finisher’s medal,” Gina Marchese Pharis, Co-
Executive Director said. “For seven years we have been recognized as having one of the largest marathon finisher’s medals and we believe we
can still claim the title with this year’s Mythic medal.”

“We believe our marathon finishers should take home a medal that represents their achievement,” Pharis said. 

“Our race is known for its fun spirit,” Pharis said.  “Athletes come from around the world to earn our medal.   Only a handful of professional
athletes will take home a prize.  When it is all said and done, the one thing so many finishers cherish is their medal. ”

The 2011 Little Rock Marathon finisher’s medal is 7 ¾ inches long and 5 inches wide.  The medal features the 2011 “A Medal of Mythic Proportions” theme and weighs approximately 1 ½ pounds.  The medal is showcased by a custom ribbon which features the race’s signature globe, as well as race director’s “smooch”.

“We made our marathon medal a little lighter this year so our marathoners can
dance at the post race party with it on,” Pharis said.  “After going 26.2 miles that
extra pound and a half can get in the way of getting your groove on.”

According to Jon Scott of Maxwell Medals & Awards of Traverse City, MI, the
average finisher’s medal is 2.5 inches and weighs approximately 3 ounces.  

The half marathon finisher’s medal also features the 2011 race theme and is 3 ¾
inches long by 2 ½ inches wide.

Race day is Sunday, March 6.  In addition to the marathon, there is a half
marathon, presented by Baptist Health and a four-person relay marathon (26.2
miles divided into four segments), presented by the Heart of Arkansas.  

Stir. Crazy!

I am not an "in the house" person.  It's rare that I stay home all day - ever.  I always enjoy having something to do or somewhere to go. 

But, yet, thanks to this lovely snow - now turned ice- I haven't had the chance to leave my house in three days and my boss just called and said not to try to come in tomorrow, either.   Just work from home. 

I now fully understand the meaning of "stir crazy".   I wonder if I could just use some wooden sticks and my old snowboard and make it the 30-ish miles to work?  Checking on eBay for some of those tennis-racket looking-snow shoes.  Must. Get. Out!


Good morning!  It is absolutely freezing in Texas this morning!   It's an official "snow" day and I'm working from home.

Here's my home set up for the day.  Not so bad! :) says it's 17 degrees, but feels like -2 degrees.  The wind gusts are wicked - with some blowing as hard as 35+mph! 

Hard to believe that on Saturday it was 74 degrees!!   Mother Nature is having one heck of a mood swing!

So much for getting a run in today.   Looks like a long evening on the trainer!  Hope you're all staying warm wherever you are!

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