Team Aquaphor 2013!

Whoot!  So excited to announce that I was selected to be a Brand Ambassador for Team Aquaphor for my third consecutive year!  The team is comprised of 200 amateur athletes from across the nation and is supported by The team is extremely supportive and I really enjoy getting to represent such an awesome product!

I have used Aquaphor since I was a kid. My mom worked for a dermatologist, so if we had minor cuts, scratches, burns, dry skin, chafed anything.... we hollered for the Aquaphor. As a mom, I have continued to use it with my daughter since she was a baby and as an athlete, I practically bathe in it before a race. For my ultramarathons, I coat my feet with it (never had a blister!!) and for triathlons I'll put it just about anywhere that my chafe! I also love their lip repair which is a new sample that we get to hand out this year!

So, if you see me at a race this year come find me for a sample!  I'll have plenty on hand and I'm happy to share! Have a great season!

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