Sick = Mandatory Rest

How the Iron Texas Mommy Blog is Getting Started
I'm sick.  Which means I'm bored. Normally I'd be having not-so-nice commentary with Coach Tony Horton while sweating through a P90x routine and then killing my abs with his AbRipperX.  That's actually my idea of a great evening. It's sadistic, but I've come to terms with it.  Every night I look at the ad for the USAT National Age Group Championships that I ripped from a magazine about a year ago and taped to my dresser mirror.  It keeps me motivated. I can hardly believe it's almost here.  And, while I know that this race will be the most humbling I've ever done, I'm just excited to be able to say that I qualified and competed in it! Even if it was because there were only three of us competing in my age group! Honesty may be my downfall in this blog.

So, back to being sick and lying in bed with the worst sore throat I think I've ever had.  I decided to start this blog that hopefully I'll have time for to chronicle my training for Ironman Texas 2011.  I've thumbed through my the August 2010 edition of Triathlete magazine and wiped up my drool from reading the comparisons of the Specialized SHIV, Giant Trinity Advanced SL and  the Trek Speed Concept 9 Series.  As much as I would love to have an awesome tri bike, I can't honestly bring myself to spend that much money on myself.  I see it as my daughter's college education fund money.  So, I'll continue to ride my Ebay-find, a Trek 5000.  It's a huge step up from my first bike, the Walmart 10-speed special.  Whatever works, though... right?  I have a lot more technique and endurance to build, before I think a great bike would do me good.  I'm positive I'm wrong, but I have to rationalize.

Upcoming Race - Pioneer Power Sprint
My next triathlon is the Pioneer Power Sprint in Denton on Sunday, August 8.  I did this one last year with my friend Michelle and it was only the second triathlon I had ever done.  I had a great time. Plus, they had pancakes after the race.  I think we both decided then and there that triathlons would be our sport of choice.  Still considering making t-shirts that say.. "Will Race for Pancakes."  This year, Dallas Athletes has changed the course significantly by changing the pool swim to an outdoor pool (awesome!), extending the bike course (not awesome!) and changing the run to a one loop course on the golf course (should be pretty!)  The heat this entire week is supposed to be in the 100's.  It's going to make for a hot race, which for me is good. The more training I can get in the heat and humidity - the better.  I need to start figuring out how my body is going to tolerate all three sports in it.  What breaks down, first?

Fit-N-Wise Tri Team
This week was a busy one as I've been preparing all of the materials and purchasing the tri team gear for our newly formed, "Fit-N-Wise Triathlon Team."  Blake helped me with the logo and is putting together the Web site at (it's not live yet) and I put together all the membership forms, membership benefit information, By-Laws, filled out the paperwork to register as a 501(c)7, designed and ordered the jerseys, tri shorts, t-shirts and sweatshirts.  It's a crazy amount of work, but it's exciting. There seems to be a lot of interest in triathlons in Wise County and I'd love to see the group grow. Right now, we're starting with a small group of 15 of which six of us are headed to Nationals. I'm trying to get the gear done in time for that. Oh, and the majority of that is during my "free" time... which is about between 10pm and midnight.

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