Stir. Crazy!

I am not an "in the house" person.  It's rare that I stay home all day - ever.  I always enjoy having something to do or somewhere to go. 

But, yet, thanks to this lovely snow - now turned ice- I haven't had the chance to leave my house in three days and my boss just called and said not to try to come in tomorrow, either.   Just work from home. 

I now fully understand the meaning of "stir crazy".   I wonder if I could just use some wooden sticks and my old snowboard and make it the 30-ish miles to work?  Checking on eBay for some of those tennis-racket looking-snow shoes.  Must. Get. Out!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

That is HILARIOUS!!!! Especially day 3, I need to make a Northerner level one

TRI714 said...

oh snap. love the drool.

Unknown said...

Snow get old fast... :)

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