Training Drone & the Elitests

I'm starting to feel like a training drone.  I have my set workouts for the week and I do what I can to get them done.

I'm so set on the routine, that it seems like if I'm not doing two-a-day workouts during the weekdays, I feel lost.

Every day is different, so it's not like I'm just dredging through the workouts.  I kind of feel like I'm on a search-and-destroy mission to hit my training hours.  How nerdy is that?


I was also given a dose of elitest mentality, who made me realize how low-tech of a training person I am - and that I'm quite okay with it.

A conversation this weekend with a guy I met out at TMS regarding my Ironman Texas training: 

Him-  "How long have you had your bike?" 

Me- "Just a couple years. I just got into tri's in 2009.  Wasn't sure if I was going to stick with them, so I really didn't plan on investing in one. I got this one on eBay. Going from a sprint to Ironman in a little over a year and a half took me by surprise, too."

Him-  "So, do you have a coach?" 

Me- "No, I created a hybrid plan that follows the Don Fink plan, but customized to my training time available."

Him-  "How are you tracking of your progress, then?"

Me- "I log everything on"

Him-  "Oh.  Do you use a Heart Rate monitor?"

Me-  "No. I'd consider Zone 2 for me is if I can have a conversation, like we are now... Zone 4 would be lungs attempting to jump out of throat."

Him- "Do you have a watch?"

Me- "Yes, but I left it at home.  I average about 3 laps an/hour out here... give or take." 

Him-  Awkward Pause.   "Do you even wear sunglasses?"

Me- "Yes, but I left those at home too.  Not a reason to give up the ride for today."

No, I don't ride the newest, fastest bike. I'm (probably) not going to qualify for Kona.  But, seriously don't judge me because I choose not put my training in the hands of a coach or have a heart rate monitor beeping at me every 15 minutes to tell me what to do or how I'm doing it.  I've survived this long without one- I think I'll do just fine. Old school, or not - Thank you very much!

Hope everyone is having a great week! :)


Patrick Mahoney said...

The funny thing about elitism is that "elitists" always leave a little extra room for self doubt.

I might have to tweet that...

Michael said...

I think what you are doing is awesome. I'm so impressed and obviously it's working for you so don't let people like that get you down!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Booo elitists ... my personal erk is people who have something against me as a runner because I wear headphones. I'm safe. I always look behind me before I cross a path in a race. It's simply none of your business if I want to listen to music. I think anyway!

Julie said...

I agree with everyone else...booo to the elitists! :)

I just fake the whole thing and hopefully I'll make it! Works for me.

Shannon (IronTexasMommy) said...

Thanks everyone! The conversation made me laugh. The guy was nice, but just seemed to think that I wasn't serious about the whole thing. :p. Bwahahaha.

Lucas R. Tucker said...

Although I do you use HRM, GPS, sunglasses, and a coach I really love your attitude. It's about the journey not th destination. If you are are happy with your journey, it is nobody elses concern :)

Scott said...

I am totally with you on this one. Frankly, It's the elitists that scare new triathletes away from the sport. All those gadgets are nice, but in the end, all you need are some goggles, a bike, and some shoes(and in the case of some runners, even shoes are optional).

Christi said...

You are doing great without all the bells and whistles. I would be better off if I followed your lead on this!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

If I know then, what I know now, when I started this sport, I would have never bought a Garmin, I am a slave to it

Unknown said...

Shannon, I love that you keep it low tech. That means you are doing this because you love it! :) I don't have a coach or a power meter. I have a heart rate monitor but don't run in it.

Jason said...

So who's a** do I have to kick this weekend? Nobody messes with my sometime training buddy.

BTW - Warren said to say hello last week after you left. I spoke with him for a bit. I hope it wasn't him but I highly doubt that it was.

Shannon (IronTexasMommy) said...

Hey Jason! No, definitely wasn't Warren! :) I met two more really nice guys out there this last weekend, too. Larry and Allen. Both IM finishers. They helped me with my flat. This other guy was just looking to show off, I guess. Whatever makes him sleep better at night. :P

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