Hood-to-Coast Entry Up for Bid on Ebay - Fundraiser for Christchurch, NZ

I've posted before on how much I like the site, Athlinks.com

Here's another reason why:

Athlinks.com has been a sponsor of the IMTalk podcast for several years now. The show's hosts, John and Bevan, are located in the heart of Christchurch and in an effort to help out they have donated their full team registration for the Hood to Coast Relay in Oregon this August 26-27 to help the Christchurch, NZ Earthquake Victims.
"The top bid gets the team. It's a 12 person team entry valued at $1320. Go grab 11 of your friends, each of you throw in $110 and you're off and rolling! Of course, anything above that would be fantastic! If you tried to get a team in this year - but didn't get in under the wire, THIS IS YOUR ONLY CHANCE TO GET A TEAM IN!"

Here's the Ebay link, if you're interested!  


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