Friday Wrap Up

I've been out of the loop on the blog for awhile, sorry!

Bought this t-shirt for a friend when he
ran his 1st Marathon
* Training is going well and I have been very steady, missing barely any workouts.  This week was a recovery week and next week starts the "Build Phase." Yikes!

* I had an awesome race a couple weeks ago at the Cowtown 1/2 Marathon.  I PR'd by over 7 minutes and came in under 2 hours.  So excited about that.  That was a long-term goal from about 10 years ago?  And, I was just doing a training run- not even thinking about a PR.  I blew my own expectations out of the water!

* My new bike is home and ready to go.  I had my bike fit on Tuesday and I will get to ride her tomorrow for the first time (not on the trainer)!  Yay!  Still no name yet...

* I'm hungry all the time, now.  I'm not someone who typically has a big appetite.  I ate a baked potato the other night and added an entire bag of pre-cooked chicken on it.  Those are enough for a family of what.. 3 or 4?  It didn't stand a chance. 

* Right now there is a banana, some ritz crackers and a box of raisins in my purse.  It now doubles as a glorified lunch box.  Those items will most likely not make it on my drive home from work.

* Fridays have become "4200 Fridays"... meaning, every Friday I'm swimming the Ironman-distance swim.  Yep, every Friday.   Bring it!  I will hit that bike like I just started the race.

* I am so thankful for the people who are supporting me on this journey. To my blog friends, real friends and family.  9 more weeks.  Thank you! 

* Last weekend, I rode out at the Texas Motor Speedway with Jason from He has become a really great friend, source of inspiration and someone who understands the training mentality.  We started our 4-hour ride and it was 28 degrees outside.  We froze.  But, we endured- because we're "dedicated, stotan machines."

* This weekend, I'm having to change my ride to Saturday, so I'll be riding with my friend, Marcy.  She's training for IMTX, too.  I'm going to try to keep up. 

Have a great weekend and have fun training! :)


Christi said...

Great job on all the training. Keep up the good work and I hope your long ride is not cold tomorrow!

Patrick Mahoney said...

I too, would love to some day ride with Jason. Actually I think he's coming out here for California 70.3?

Love the 4200 Fridays. Funny what adding a zero can do to the meaning of a number.

KovasP said...

Great shirt and enjoy the new bike! I'm really looking forward to riding outside again as well.

Tri4Success said...

Great job and love the shirt!

Michael said...

I love that shirt. That's really awesome. Great job on the swimming! You are certainly going to be ready!

Unknown said...

Shannon, it's been so fun to watch your journey! I know all too well the hunger that comes with training too! It's like anything that isn't nailed down is fair game!

And yay for the 4200 fridays! I love it!

Keep rocking girl!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I like the idea of 4200 fridays, I might be borrowing that

Jason said...

It was darn cold that morning. I think I still have frozen toes (oh wait I got toe covers now...yeah!)

I can't wait to see new 'what's the name?'

Ruben ( said...

Hi Shannon!

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Make it a great day,

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