My Adjusted Scale for Boston Qualifying

I'm not a "fast" runner when it comes to long distances.  Over the last year, I've actually gotten faster and I directly attribute it to the cross-training of triathlons.  I used to be a consistent 10:00/mile runner.  I've dropped that now to about a 9:03/mile average. 

Still not stellar, but I shocked myself with a 7:33/mile at a sprint tri this year, so there's hope that there's a faster runner in there, somewhere...

So, this gets me to my point. I was thinking that it would be nice if there was an adjustable scale for Boston Qualifying.  They adjust for gender... they adjust for age... why not other factors?

My age jumps up next year to the 3hrs 45min qualifying category, so that's a start.

How about...

Kids?   +10 min/ each
Child not potty trained?  +10 min/each
Handle the majority of the grocery shopping, pay bills, cleaning,  etc.?  +5 min
Work full-time?  +10 min
Commute time in excess of 30 minutes?  +5 min
Triathlete?  (Have to split time between sports)  +5 min

That would get me to a 4hr 30min qualifying time, which I think is definitely doable.  Sigh.  :)

Or, I'm just going to have to break down and buy myself some "En Fuega's" like Jason's!


Unknown said...

Ooooh... I like it! My time would be a 4 hour which is way more doable for me than a 3:40! :)

Christi said...

Awesome Idea!

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