It's So Fluffy!

Ok, I absolutely adore this movie.  It has nothing to do with triathlons, kind of like my entire holiday.  Ha!

Big fat zero's on the training schedule for 5 days straight.  The majority of that issue was a bad case of the stomach flu that made its way around the entire family.  Almost thought we were going to have to cancel Christmas! Oh well. Hopefully I'm getting all my sickness done and out of the way and I'm off to a fresh start.  Made it to the pool at lunch today and am hoping to get a trainer ride in this evening.

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday!


KovasP said...

Bummer about the sickness, but this is a good time if it's going to happen. Enjoy the renewed training!

Christi said...

Sorry you and the family have been sick! That sucks!

I love that video clip!

Austin said...

Haven't seen it yet, but dying wife thinks I'm weird for watching cartoons at 30...
hope you're feelin' better!

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