EPIC FAIL - Dallas White Rock Marathon 2010

Or, shall I say 1/2 marathon?  Yep, that's right.  Somehow I screwed up the turn off for the marathon and ended up taking the half marathon course.  And, I had NO IDEA until about mile 12.  There was no differentiation in the course signs and unless you were passing people and then doing a 180 to look at their bibs, you just figured you were going along the course as normal.  At about mile 12, spectators started saying "You're almost there." and I started thinking, "Where the heck is the lake?"

Freezing, but ready to start.
When the horrific realization of what had happened set in, I started bawling. I was having an amazing run. I felt great.  My legs felt fresh, nutrition was good and I had to stop.  The turn off was at about mile 8 or so, so there was no way to backtrack.  I was devastated. 

My results aren't posted anywhere, so I guess I was DQ'd for not running the correct race.  I needed this race more mentally than physically to prepare for IMTX.  

I keep re-playing the scenario of the run split in my head and I can't for the life of me figure out how I got it wrong.  The sign that I saw was moving (wind or someone holding it.. I don't know) and there were just so many people.  It was also at a point where there was a band and a lot of spectators. I don't know.  I clearly remember looking at the sign.  Guess it's time for Lasik. 

So, I'm just dealing with serious disappointment.  10 years of running and I've never had anything like this happen.   My old coach from TNT, shared with me a story about a Kenyan runner in the Indy Marathon a few years back that was supposed to run the 1/2 and missed the turn, so he ran the full and won it- but it didn't count because he wasn't registered for the full.  So, I guess that sucks even worse.  

No more excuses for IM training now.  Time to break out the trainer. 


Unknown said...

Oh no... super big hugs Shannon! :( I've been to many races where I could see it easily happening!

Best of Blogs Dallas said...

Great blog! I've included it on a site I've created, which is a compilation of some of the best blogs in the city.

Best of Blogs Dallas

Patty said...

I was feeling really sorry for you until you posted the part about the girl winning the full when she was supposed to only run a half. That sucks!!!

There are lots of marathons to be ran to prepare you for you ironman. You can do it!!

Hang in there!!

Jason said...

Shannon -

I am so sorry to hear this and I know how devastated you must be. No words can really help in this situation and you will process in your own time.

In the mean time there are big cyber-hugs from me to you.

Keep getting better and stronger.

We might be in Ft Worth for the Cowtown. I'm not sure I'm running but the wife is looking into running the full.

Shake it off and continue IM preparations.

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