Off to Run with 20,000 other Crazies! :)

I will NOT be running with these guys.
Well, it's finally here.  Missing two integral weeks of training while being sick didn't help, but I did get in one 20-mile run and several other 16+ milers.  I'm definitely not feeling so hot in the confidence department, but I will endure. 

For the first 20 miles, I enjoy the scenery, the people watching, the atmosphere... then I'm sure I'll dive into the "Seriously, why am I doing this?" mode.  Then I'll finish. I'll hurt. I'll hate the idea of running.

Then, within about a 24 hour period of time, I'll be thinking about my next run. It's a sadistic cycle and it's why I'm on Marathon #6.  "Marathons... I can't quit you."   (That's an obscure movie reference that makes most Texas guys a little nervous.)

So, enough about me....  I'm excited that I have friends running marathons & half marathons in three different states all on the same day!! 

Good luck to: 

Craig - Looking to BQ at the California International Marathon

Mike & Katrina - Running at the Rock N' Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon

Jason & Karen-  Running the Dallas White Rock Marathon -- Karen's first!!

Marcy-  Running the Dallas White Rock Half Marathon

And a special good luck to my co-workers and friends that will be participating in the relay at the White Rock Marathon and pushing Jackie Murphee in her modified jogging buggy.  Two years ago, 23-year-old Jackie Murphree was in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. Murphree was left paralyzed and with brain damage. Murphree can no longer talk, walk or feed herself as a result of the accident.  She receives physical therapy at the hospital that I work at and this is the second year they have participated in the race.  

So, if you see a group of 2-3 people pushing a beautiful young lady in a jogging stroller/ buggy, please yell out your words of encouragement to them!!  Go Jackie and Team Fit-N-Wise!! 

A hilarious part of the DWRM this year:  

"Call Your Lifeline! – New to the MetroPCS DWRM this year: make a call to a loved one while you’re running! A MetroPCS volunteer will run alongside you as you call so you never have to stop. Look for MetroPCS calling stations along the course (one on half course, one on the full). Calls limited to 30 seconds. May call any number in the continental USA."

Seriously, folks.  I couldn't make this up!!   I'd like to see one of those "volunteers" keep up with the Kenyans!!  Ha!!

And, if you're shooting for a specific time, don't forget to download one or two (if you want a back up plan) of the free pace bands from Clif Bar!  I love 'em.  No math required!  Woo hoo!


Patrick Mahoney said...

funny movie reference.

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