My Sponsor Suggestions

Things that I probably shouldn't love as a triathlete, but I can't seem to live without. They'd make fabulous, unexpected sponsors - especially for the average age-grouper, like myself.   :)

1.  Cici's Cinnamon Rolls  (Beyond perfection.)

(Could you image a jersey with Cici's Cinammon Rolls on it? Hey... "Run Your Buns" - It could work!)

2.  Strawberry Fruitisa Freeze from Taco Bell  (My summer crush)

3.  Skippy Peanut Butter  (Thank goodness Costco carries it! Think protein!)

4.  Chicken Fajitas (From anywhere... anytime)

5.  Cinammon Life Cereal (It's not a protein shake, but I eat a little baggie of this every morning on the way to work.) 


Patrick Mahoney said...

It's not like 3,4 & 5 are THAT horrible...I'm sure 2 is worse than 1.

Unknown said...

SKIPPY ---yeah!! I bought JIF last month and my wife was very disappointed at me. I actually went back to the store to get her Skippy.

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