Learning to love the bike

When it comes to triathlon, I love just about everything about it.  Except that part that comes between the swimming and the running.  The bike and me just don't get along.  Maybe it stems back from those first few triathlons when all I seemed to hear was "On Your Left."  I considered pinning a sign on my jersey that said, "Yeah, I know... You're on My Left... Shocking."  

It's not that I don't like my bike. My co-workers call him, Terry.  Aptly name because that's the brand name of the saddle.  I love that saddle. It has "Tri Like a Girl" imprinted on it and that motivates me.  And, the all carbon-fiber Trek E-bay find was a big step up from the WalMart special I started on. So, it's not the bike. It's the act of biking.  It bores me beyond belief.

But, I'm trying to change my attitude.  I've decided that I'm going to love the bike. I'm going to spend more time on it... because I want to. I'm going to find some killer hills to climb and try to go up them instead of rolling backwards down them.  (kidding.. sort of)  

<--- I even found this shirt at Target!

Will this turn into a love affair? Probably not. But, I might consider doing some more bike rallies with my neighbor.  The idea of not racing was so foreign to me. During the rally, they had like 5 rest stops and all of them had cookies!! I thought it was the best thing ever. Ok, maybe not as good as free pancakes after a tri, but a close second.  

For Ironman Texas, I'll have 112 miles to ride on the bike. That's a long time to spend on something you don't enjoy. So, here I go.  I'm going to try to figure out what Lance sees in this sport. Go Terry!


Patrick Mahoney said...

I used to moan about the bike all the time, but then one day it became I dunno, awesome. Now I just moan about my slow swimming.

Hopefully you'll find some peace in it as well.

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