Blog Posts of Legend

This one is for Jeff
Every once in awhile, a fellow blogger will post something that either is so funny or inspiring or so moving that either I laugh out loud, want to go workout or am moved to tears.

Those posts are usually brought up in conversations with other bloggers and become the inside jokes/references for years to come.

So, after reading Jon's post today about silencing the over-used word, "Epic" that has taken over blog world, I decided to add a column, "Blog Posts of Legend" to the right hand column. 

Maybe for purely selfish reasons... because on a bad day, re-reading Jeff's post about his cat, minivan and overly emotional dude rant makes me laugh.  And, these others do, too.

So, here's the initial list:

Jon- "Ladies and Gentlemen, Epic Has Jumped the Shark"

Jeff- "Things that Bother Me"

K.C. - "Hater in Texas"

Colleen- "Taking a Risk" (or... her first mention of Racing Naked!)

Big Daddy Diesel- "T-Shirt Etiquitte Guidelines"

Jason- "Reflections Brought On By A Book" (Or as I recall, the first mention of the Stotan Machine)

 Before I finish this, however, I do have to make one very funny call out on Jon for his recent rant against the word, "Epic".....

 Bear with me, because I'm still giggling...

Click on the link I posted to Jeff's Blog about "Things That Bother Me" .... scroll down the comments and see how Jon responded.    Bwhahahaahah! 

OK, suggestions for any other "Legendary" posts that should be listed??


Karen said...

Dare I say those are EPIC posts? ;) Funny, I just read KC's post about the hater today.

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

I'd like to say that these posts you mentioned are all EPIC but I will refrain and call them classics. I did go back to see Jon's comment ...and now the black kettles make a lot of sense, LOL! This post will go down in history as a classic and will more than likely be a free for all on twitter and facebook.

Jon said...

Proud to have made this list! Had to go back and reread the comment I left on Jeff's "Things that bother me" post. Last July seems like 10 lifetimes ago already!

Have a good one Shannon!

Unknown said...

WOW! I am honored to make your list.

First I would like to thank Shannon for remembering one of my more memorable rants. I also need to give a shout out to all mini-van drivers for the many, many, many times they pay zero attention on the roads - without them applying makeup while texting that post would never have happened.

Next I'd like to thank France for, well, just being France. And major kudos need to go out to all cats and to every-kid-gets-a-trophy soccer league for setting the bar so low.

And last but not least, all you lovely bloggers who quit using the phrase, "just saying' " You all rock and hopefully the word EPIC will die a quit death as well!

Polk High Football Rules. Peace out.

TriMOEngr said...

I'll have to stay on the lookout for classic posts that should be included. I'm sure I've read several that have had me spitting various beverages on my screen. I was thinking, though, we are about due another "Things that bother me" edition. :) Wouldn't that be EPIC?

Unknown said...

I may or may not have used "Epic" in my blog title today...

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am honored to make your list, thank you

I remember all these posts

So Jon, there is an epic question mark on what side of the epic line your on, are you rocking the pro epic side as per Jeffs post and you just epically against it like your post?

Unknown said...

Such a great list and all super great posts! Thanks for including mine! :)

Jon said...

Oh, and in my defense, EPIC was still a valid thing to say last July! Research has found the word FAIL to be the word of 2010, EPIC for 2011, and now we are trying to get AMAZEBALLS installed for 2012.

Jason said...

Thank you for the inclusion.

I recall Jeff's post like it was yesterday because I use the term ASSHAT now as much as the term cook. It is in my vocabulary forever.

All of those posts are legendary.

This is going to be fun to watch it grow.

Katie said...

LOVE this list, thank you for sharing!!!! I HATE the word epic and was so pleased about jon's post.

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