Ride for the Heroes Report and a Big Training Week

My weekend started early Saturday morning with an 82-mile bike ride in Aledo, Texas at the 9th Annual Ride for Heroes.  This race supports Fire, Police and EMS crews, so I was very happy to support it.

The Good: 
- Well organized
- Close parking
- Good cause
- Great aid stations with helpful and enthusiastic volunteers!  The Cow mascot from Chick Fil-A was even out there! 

The Bad: 
- 90% of the course was on the roughest,  chip seal/ patch job roads you could ever find.
- The hills kept coming and coming and coming.
5,600 feet of climbing - in Texas!! (Seriously?)
- 90% of the course was on the roughest,  chip seal/ patch job roads you could ever find.

It was the most beat-down, cry-inducing, cussing like a sailor ride I have ever done. Never again would be an understatement.  The roads were so jarring and unforgiving. Everything, I mean everything on my body hurt. 

I learned after the ride that it had just about as much climbing as Ironman Coer d'alene in less distance. Overall, though it made the IMTX course seem like a cupcake ride, so for that I am grateful.

On Sunday, I laid in bed contemplating my long run.  My mind ran through every excuse in the book after the ride the day before not to get up and go.  It took me almost an hour and a half, but then a comment my friend, Jason had told awhile ago ran through my head.

"Ironman waits for no one."

And with that, I got up and ran.  I ran for 16 miles and it was fantastic.  I didn't hurt, I felt strong and relaxed.  I am going to have to stop listening to my whiny mind more often.

Here's a picture from today of my friend, Michelle and me from our lunchtime run. 

It was 90 degrees out with 20mph winds.

Sweat fest!  Talk about acclimating by fire!

I'm taking tomorrow off of work to get a 115-mile ride in.   And, I'm doing it all at the Texas Motor Speedway.  23 mind-numbing loops on my own while constantly fighting with the wind and watching scenery that doesn't change.  Good times.

I was supposed to ride on Friday with my friend, Marcy out at the beautiful Trinity Trail in Fort Worth, but severe thunderstorms with possible tornadoes are heading our way, so I don't want to chance it.  Although a tornado might make for an awesome tailwind! ;)

Only one more week of build and then taper commences!  How is that even possible??  

Hope you have a fantastic training week!


Tri4Success said...

Ride for Heroes ...... scratched off my "to do" list. Thanks for that recap! Twice the climbing of Livestrong? OK. Roughest chipseal patched roads? Yeah, I have that right here. No need to travel and pay for it. Kudos on getting the run in!

Jason said...

One more week and then tapering? HOLY MOLY BATMAN.....that was fast.

You def need that October race in your schedule.

70.3 Longhorn.....oh yeah!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

You are one tough chic and based on the hard ass/off the chain elevation ride you did over the weekend, long run the next day, hotter than hell run at lunch and the 115 mile/23 loop ride coming up, i know you are so gonna rock that IM!!! You are just about ready to rumble!

Aimee said...

Nice job with that ride AND the run! Woohoo!!! You are going to do awesome in your IM!

Unknown said...

chip seal ...yuk!

Makes that little section in Grimes County on the IMTX course seem easy by comparison, I bet?

Nice training Shannon! Hey, remind me later to tell ya about my Tri club's set up at IMTX. They secured an awesome location on the run course and will have BBQ and beer all day long - I'll get you the details so your friends and family can go hang there to pass the time.

Christi said...

You are definitely building the tools to IM Texas. I can't wait to "follow" you on race day!

Unknown said...

Ugh.. that ride sounds TOUGH! :)

You are doing amazing with the training... keep training strong - race day's right around the corner!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Really??? Chip Seal???? No biker ever want to ride chip seal, real surprised the director of that ride picked that route.

Nice job pushing through the pain and vibrations!! Your biking looks spot on for IMTX!!!

Did you get a response about the hotel problem yet?

Tricia said...

great recap!

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