Holy Toledo! Big Daddy Diesel & IronDiva - Run Your Buns!

Bet you didn't see this one coming....it's a Friday Shout Out!

Two of my favorite bloggers are running the Glass City Half Marathon this weekend in Toledo, Ohio.

The elusive Big Daddy Diesel is finally going to be outed from anonynimity in his FIRST Half Marathon!  So, excited for him!

And, Colleen at Iron Diva will be racing her first race of the season!  She's going to rock that course!

Sorry I can't be there physically to dazzle you with my leaping abilities, but please know that some weirdo in Texas is cheering you on! 

Normally these photos are taken outside, but holy moly, the winds are gusting upwards of 40mph today! One jump and I could end up in the next county.


Unknown said...

How freaking cute are you??? Thank you so much!!!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

This is so freaking awesome!!! Thank you so much!!! You rock

Ps I want to buy that, how much, email me

Julie said...

I was thinking the same thing...isn't she the cutest! :)How can they help but rock it with such a cute cheerleader?

Jason said...

You truly are the best. And you are not selling that to BDD you are selling that to me for him and then I am buying Allison's and I want to buy mine too. SERIOUS!!!!!

Unknown said...

Shannon, that is freaking awesome!

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