Go Jason, Go!

I know most of you that follow my blog also follow Jason over at CookTrainEatRace.com.   He's one of the most inspiring, encouraging, healthy-eating, nice, all-around great guys that I've ever met! 

So, I wanted to wish him a Texas-size dose of Good Luck for his upcoming race at the Ironman California-Oceanside 70.3 this weekend.  He's going to rock this race! I am so proud of him for all the training that he's put in to accomplish his first Half Iron-- part of which included freezing our tails off and riding in 27-degree weather out at the Texas Motor Speedway and even colder weather for a 15K race earlier in the year! It's all worth it, though! 

Sorry I won't be able to cheer you on at the race, but you know I'll be there in spirit (well, technically I'll be doing a 90-mile bike ride down on the IMTX course... but I'll be thinking about you!)

So, do me a favor..... go to his blog and send him some well wishes! 


Unknown said...

Who is better than you? I mean really I cannot wipe the smile from my face or the tears from my eyes for how nice this is.

Thank you so much and I will be envisioning this sign when the going gets tough.

Unknown said...

How freaking awesome is that??
Yes, Jason is a great guy and will totally rock California this weekend!!!

Unknown said...

Great sign!! I love it!

Michael said...

That's really cool!!! Jason's blog is one of my favorite. He's awesome and will do awesome this weekend!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Shann you are a Genius!!! Go Jason Go!

Christi said...

Go Jason!

Pieces Of Sunlight said...

Very nice post

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