Iron Christmas Virtual 70.3 Race

I love the idea of virtual races, I'm just bad about submitting my results.  But, for me it's about the motivation to get the mileage in, so I'm in for  The Iron Christmas Virtual 70.3 Race.

The race is being hosted by Luke from The Super Fatlete and it was my favorite So. Cal Multi-Sport racer, Patrick that gave me the heads up.

Between Monday, Dec. 20 and Friday, Dec. 24, each entrant must swim 1.2 miles, bike 56 miles and run 13.1 miles. 

I've already got this in the bag.  ;)

I got the swim in on Monday (and I didn't even know about the race).  Have  a 6.2 mile run planned for lunch today.  Bike trainer tonight.  And, we're only on Tuesday, folks!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I was pondering this race, till the trash talking began, I think its on like donkey kong now

Jason said...

I am catching up to you Shannon. Did my swim yesterday and going for a interval run right now.

Will be with you soon.

Love this idea.

Shannon (IronTexasMommy) said...

Going to have dunk you both like some of Santa's cookies.

Jason- I call a penalty if you're running with the red, BQ Shoes. Seriously uneven playing field. :P

Jason said...

LOL....the ruby reds almost had puke on them today. This 80 degree weather darn near killed me out there.

Coach is really ramping up the speed. 12x400s with :90 RI done between 6:06-6:10/mile. Well I went out way to fast on the first two as they were under 6:00 then #3 was at 6:03 and then 6:25-6:38 the rest of the way and there were some times I thought I was going to lose my lunch. Good times.

Got in a total of a 10k today.

The bike is going to be tough to get to 56 miles b/c my training does not call for that much by 12/24.

Unknown said...

How far do you typically go when you are on your bike trainer? Now that winter is here, I suppose we will all be riding quite a bit more inside versus brrrr outside.

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