Yeah, Baby.. Yeah.

1st place - 30-34 age group!
Obviously a reference to Austin Powers, but I had a great race on Sunday!  I did the Monster Tri 2 in Denton.  I was ready for this race.  It was sprint race and it was really the first time that I set my mind to a training plan to be ready for it.

Sprints on the track, quick bricks and endless 100 and 50 sprints in the pool.  And, it worked.  I took 1st in my age group!

And, that qualified me for the 2011 Age Group National Championships in Vermont.  Don't know if I'm really going to attempt that again, but at least the qualification is out of the way if i decide to....So, yeah baby!

This guy actually did the whole
race in this costume!
He said he could see just fine.
It made me claustrophobic!
 I raced with my friend and co-worker, Michelle who did an awesome job!  She is 3-months, post-baby!  So any of you mommies out there can understand the major respect I have for her to get herself back into the physical shape to just get out there and do it!  I am so amazingly proud of her! 

More than 300 racers!
Part of the reason, I was so happy with my finish, was last year, I had approached a certain individual about possibly his company sponsoring me as a triathlete.  He, in a joking manner, said that he "wouldn't sponsor last place."  I know him well enough to know that he was kidding, but, I was new to the sport and it irked me. Really irked me. I was excited about my progress and was getting a definite feel for the sport. It was one of those things that has driven me to push harder and expect more out of myself. 

I don't expect 1st place finishes all the time. It may never happen again. I have my loftier distance goals and then, maybe I'll re-evaluate my podium goals in the future.  But, for now.  I'll take this first place and for me, that's enough - knowing that he wouldn't have been sponsoring last - he would have been sponsoring a triathlete-in-the making. 
Heading out on the bike. Brrrrr!! 

The guy behind me shot me a dirty
look when I chicked him.  Seriously dude? Run. Faster.

Michelle & Me post-race! Tri-Mommies!

We have the best mom's ever!

Our hospital's Web manager and our personal
Swim Coach, Blake, came out to root us on!


Patrick Mahoney said...

know the guy or don't it's still kind of a lame joke. Hell yeah you take that 1st.

Unknown said...

Woo hoo! Congrats on first and qualifying!!! That's awesome!

Jason said...

Awesome, Awesome job!!!!! Now I need you train me so that I can go to Vermont too.....


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