A close call with Cujo

I had a run-in with a Cujo-wannabe tonight. I was on mile 5 of what was going to be an 8-mile run, but I cut it short to 6 miles because apparently adrenaline doesn't sit so well.

I was running in relative darkness, when the neighbor's dog got loose and came barreling at me from his front door.  Since it was so dark, I couldn't tell exactly where he was, but I could hear the leash on the pavement. I reached for my hat light (thanks Michelle!!!)  and turned it on, just in time to see his jaws looking pretty much like this picture and coming right for my face. I was screaming at him to "Get Back,"  The light distracted him for a split second and I chucked my hat towards his owner and he went after it and his owner was able to grab him.  Two other smaller ankle biters were still on the loose and circling and yapping. 

Similar hat light
The owner had the audacity to ask if the dog scared me. Umm.. yes.  A dog's teeth coming toward my jugular scares me.  I was able to grab my hat off the ground and then took off.  I'm considering carrying mace now.  I'm a dog-lover and would hate to do that to one, but I would have no regrets at that moment.  I seriously thought I was going to be headed to the ER.  Animal chases and stupid drivers are the reasons I don't wear headphones while running outdoors anymore. I just put my iPhone in the armband and leave the speakers on low.  You can definitely hear things a lot better. If I had headphones on, I wouldn't have heard that dog until it was too late. 

Run safe, my friends!


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Thankss for this

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