Book of the Month Club (Not really)

Mike B, who I'll refer to from now on as my "mentor"... recently recommended that I read Bob Seebohor's book, Metabolic Efficiency Training: Teaching the Body to Burn More Fat.  Mike has finished a few Ironman-distance races, competed in the long-course triathlon at the World Championships in Perth, Australia last year, and is a USAT- Level II Certified coach and one heck of an interesting guy and his passion for triathlons inspired me to get started last year.  So, when he talks - I listen. I have had it for a little while now and have to get my tail in gear and start reading. (Somehow, between working, being a mommy, loving on my dogs, training, blogging and cleaning house.)

The book is about learning to use nutrition and training to improve the body's ability to burn fat, while reducing the likelihood of having GI distress.  Sounds like a super-fantastic idea for me.  I'm lucky in the sense, that my body doesn't require a whole lot of intake to sustain long distances at a medium-intensity pace. For a marathon, I use maybe.. 2 Gu's?  For a 70.3, I think I had two Gu's (one on the bike and one on the run) and a package of Clif Shot Blocks (Mainly because I love those things!!). 

So, I'm hoping that I'm a little more efficient than the next gal, but, nonetheless, I'll be trying to learn the more technical side of training. Because, quite honestly, I'd like to use more of my jiggly fat for fuel and the book says that it will improve my health and performance. Seems like a trifecta of a win to me!

Anyway, passing the recommendation on.You can order it from here:

(Note: This is not a paid recommendation of any kind, I purchased the book. Just a note from one triathlete to another.)


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