Bad week... over!

I hate that the weekend is over, but I am ready to put this week behind me!  Here's a quick re-cap:

1) I gashed my right leg open with my razor.. twice-  in different spots on two different days. It looked like the shower scene from Psycho in there both times!

2) I had a frustrating day in the pool which included trying unsuccessfully to modify my technique and pretty much forgetting that breathing while underwater is not a good option. I was at the point where I was questioning whether I even belonged in a pool.

3) I ran the shin on my left leg into the bike hitch of my car. I have a nice multi-hue green bruise to show for it.

4) I realized that I forgot my bike shoes on Sunday morning after I made it to the Texas Motor Speedway to ride.  Spent an extra half an hour driving back to get them.

So, I guess the Tri gods are not happy with me and while the injuries were superficial at best, my personal frustration with everything (plus work issues) affected my training quite a bit. Shaking it off... Namaste.


Patrick Mahoney said...

What's scary is that 1, 2 & 4 also more or less happened to me this week. If I had a hitch rack I'm sure I would have managed that one as well. Is it OK if I replace # 2 with "tripped while running up the side of a dirt berm and face planted into a bush"?

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