Endurance Athlete Bingo

I put this together when I started triathlons. I finished my first sprint and I had dreams. Big dreams. Many of which I thought were crazy dreams. There are still ones on there that I shake my head and don't know if I'll be able to accomplish them, but they're there. Reminding me to think beyond my limits.

I don't have dates of when I'll attempt each one, but I keep adding to this list. When the time is right to go after that goal, I'll know.  I keep it taped up in my office. I was able to update it today after finishing my first 50k on Sunday.  I promise to get a Race Report up soon. It was entertaining to say the least.

Anyway,  the dates below the event are the first time I accomplished that distance. Number in parenthesis= how many times. Non-highlighted are on my To-do list! ;)

Now go make your own list and go after those dreams!


marc said...
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Katie said...


Unknown said...

This is - AWESOME!!!

Tara said...

Great idea!

Irene said...

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