Running Through February!

Marcy & Haley Running Strong!
I've had a busy, but fun last month or so.


On Feb. 19, I went down to the Austin Marathon to cheer on my good friend Marcy, her husband Steve, and their friends Haley and her husband Kurt.  Marcy did IMTX with me, but this would be her first "Stand Alone" Marathon.

Marcy and Haley ran together.  Kurt, who is a brain cancer survivor, blew through it in 3 hrs and some change and Steve completed his first Half Marathon after having back surgery.  So, there was a lot of great stuff going on and wanted to be there.

I woke up at 4:30am on race morning and drove 5 hours and met them starting at Mile 5 and three more around the course. 
Mmm... Oreos

I was stocked with their favorites:

- Oreos
- Swedish Fish
- Cool Ranch Doritos
- Licorice Nibs

And, I even had a 6-pack of Shiner Beer for Tricia, but unfortunately I missed her!
Marcy, Steve, Kurt & Haley at the Finish

I had my funny race signs and a cowbell and I cheered my tail off for everyone running by!  I had a blast and was so proud of all of my runners! :)

Haley, Me & Marcy
After the marathon, we dropped Kurt & Haley off, went to FreeBirds! for lunch (Oh My Gosh- that place is delicious!) and then I drove back home another 5 hours.

I have so much respect for spectators!  It's almost a sport in itself trying to figure out paces and find your way around road blocks and traffic to get there on time.

A special thank you to a good friend who helped me out a lot for that!! I think that was almost as hard as running the 26.2,  but it was an awesome day!

Me, Lesley, Steve & Marcy w/ some Freaky Eyes


Then on February 26, I ran the Cowtown Half Marathon with Lesley from RacingItOff.   Marcy and Steve were back on the run course again doing the half marathon as well, but were taking it easy after their running the weekend before.

Lesley & Me Pre-Race
Lesley had a PR on her mind and I was ready to pace her to that goal.  And, while the race didn't go quite as she wanted it to... she has a much more in-depth Race Report, here...  (and an insight to what a mean drill sergeant I am)

BUT, she came away with a 3:14 PR and was still able to bust out our signature Sprinkler dance moves that we perfected at the New Years Double Marathon while going up a hill!  Bring it!

Checking in on Lesley
The weather was perfect, with a little bit of wind, but after being sick for most of January and February my legs couldn't wait to run. I felt like a racehorse waiting to get out of the gate.

And believe it or not, Lesley and I did not coordinate our purple for this race. But, we look cute together, don't we?

 Now, our matching outfits for the El Scorcho 50k??  That's a different story.  The word, "Rad" comes to mind. Let's just say that there will be Neon Pink Zebra print involved.  :)

I'm yelling "C'mon Lesley! Sprinkler Time"
Whoot! Bust A Move!

This guy was the "Race Chick Magnet"


Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

That's awesome that you made the drive to root friends on!! It's tough for non-racers to understand how much the cheering fans mean.

Awesome job on the marathon!!

Haley said...

Awww, such a nice shout-out! Thanks for cheering us on and the great snacks!

Unknown said...

Looks like some good times had by all.

Spectating is hard freaking work. I have actually ran races (SanAntonio in Nov) just so I did not have to be the designated sherpa. It is easier to race than lug around all the shit and deal with getting from spot to spot. Spectating is harder than racing - there I said it!

Jason said...

Spectating is hard work, and not for the reason of going from place to place but for the mental anguish it puts on you.

At The Woodlands I was worried about Kevin, Jeff, Jennie, Jen, Dave, Bobby the whole time and rooting for them to hit their goals. That took a lot out of me.

Christi said...

So much fun! We really need to meet up some time!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Sherpa and volunteering is hard work, sometimes harder then racing, thanks for taking the time to cheer your friends on. With the snack list provided, I might just need to come down to Texas to race.

Congrats on the race, Had me laughing with the sprinkler, awesome it got caught in the photo

Tricia said...

SOOOOOO bummed I missed you

Kristin said...

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