My Number is Up!

Apparently this is a Texas State Highway shield
Kind of Cool to find this pic.
Wow... it's so low,  I'm practically racing with the elite group.

Ok, not so much!  But, wow!  This makes it real.

I'll leave an image of it up on the right hand side for easy reference as the day gets closer.  :)


Michael said...

How exciting!! 332...a great number :)

Unknown said...

Sweet!! Love the shield!

Gotta find one for me -- #1320 in your program, #1 in your hearts(-:

Unknown said...

Great number... three digits are cool! :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...


Christi said...

Woo Hoo! Oh wait, I should say Yee Haw!

Chris said...

Nice! I like when I get a low number.

Allison said...

332 - best.#.ever.

Living The Tri Life said...

That's gotta be good luck!
May 21 - 5+2+1= 8
#332 - 3+3+2+ 8

You're going to have a great race! Karma is in place!!


Patrick Mahoney said...

Hey, I just saw this on your BT training log:

500 w/u
8 x 50dr
100 k
3 x 150
4 x 250
3 x 150
8 x 50dr
100 c/d

Can I borrow it?

Allison said...

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