Countdown Update

18 days until Ironman Lonestar 70.3

60 days until Ironman Texas

I'm starting to feel the tick tock of the clock.

It's stressing me out. 

I've been involuntarily "off" running for this entire last week, from the injury I sustained last week.  The PT has me back running tomorrow... but I'm only supposed to run 4 miles.  4.  That's it. 

It's stressing me out. 

I had a great 60 mile ride last Friday with my friend Marcy, who is also training for IMTX.  It was a confidence booster.  Since I can't run, I spent the next night on the trainer and went 52 miles, so that I technically rode the 112 miles.   I rode a total of 205 miles last week, since I was off running.  I still want to ride the entire 112 miles in one shot. It's a mental thing.  (Although there's a rather loud voice in the back of my head that is telling me to stick to the training plan.)

It's stressing me out.

Swimming is going well, but the pool has been so hot it's almost impossible to swim hard and not have your pulse rate skyrocket.  It was 88+ degrees.  The pool thermometer apparently stopped registering.  I swam my 500 warm-up and then went to find the pool manager to see if she could start pumping cold water in the pool.  She asked me what was wrong, because I was literally red- like a lobster.  I felt like a lobster being slowly boiled.  "The pool is as hot as the therapy pool.  I'm swimming sprint repeats. I'm going to puke on your pool deck."

It's stressing me out.

Other than that, training is going great!  Yay!  Love this sport.  :)


Karen said...

I think I would be stressed too! Keep moving forward and try not to let it get to you. You are awesome :)

Michael said...

Ouch, it would be difficult to be off a month so close to your next big race. But you are still logging some great numbers - you will still be ready! Hopefully they get your pool fixed soon. That's way too hot!

Jason said...

88* are you serious? That is just nuts.

And stop are where you need to be even with that delay. That delay will help you in the long run so don't fret.


jenn said...

Hang in there, use that stress as'll be fine!
BTW...Our pool here in South Ms. was at 84 yesterday and I too felt like I was going to puke on deck..had to call it at a very annoyed 2500 yds

Tri4Success said...

You're doing great. 88 degrees in the pool is ridiculous though.

Christi said...

Stress is pretty common at this point but I think the pool heat should not be a stressor! Tell them to get it fixed!

No worries girl you are going to kill both races!

Unknown said...

You've got this girl... and all the energy that you are spending in stressing is needed to be powerful!

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