The US Olympic Committee wants me?

Got this in the mail the other day....

What else could it be than the USOC recruiting me for the 2012 London Olympics Triathlon Team, right???

Bwhahahahaha!   Ok. Not possible. 

They want me to send them $20 to support U.S. Olympic athletes.  And, in return, they'll send me a "soft black fleece jacket that will keep me warm and cozy on cool fall nights and cold winter days.  And, it's made to last!" Included in the direct mail package was a couple of pages of self-adhesive mailing labels, some "Support Team USA stickers" and a fairly nice "frameable" Certificate of Support from the USOC.  

For someone who is in marketing, I was impressed by the slick presentation. Will I do it? 

Yes.  I love watching the Olympics.  
And by giving to the USOC, "I'm giving athletes to chance to fulfill their Olympic and Paralympic dreams- and to make America proud."

The clincher was the Paralympics.  Can those athletes be any more awesome?  And especially since triathlon was just added as a sport to the Paralympics, I'm definitely on board.  

(cue sappy music now)   I'll wear my fleece with pride.    

Now if only I had $150,000 to spare:  

The ultimate VIP Olympic Experience for two — spend several nights as guests of the U.S. Olympic Committee, joining other friends and family at premiere sport events and victory ceremonies! This package includes exceptional seating at competitions, accredited transportation, fine dining and a reception at the USOC's exclusive USA House. Meet remarkable athletes and USOC Leadership, tour historic London and share in the camaraderie of the Games!


Christi said...

Very cool!

Jason said...

Send this to Kovas and ChrisK as they are trying to raise money for Beth's Alter-G machine, why not your $150K trip?

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I would donate 20 for that fleece

Lucas R. Tucker said...

If I get that in the mail I will jump on it as well.

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