Santa Baby? Saucony Kinvaras, please!

Too cute!!
I've never run in Saucony's, so please someone let me know what you think.  However, I saw a girl wearing these at the White Rock marathon and I had to tell her I thought they were the cutest running shoes I've ever seen!

It's about time we give up the plain ol' white shoes and let our overworked feet have some sassy fun.


Patrick Mahoney said...

Shouldn't you try them on first instead of having Sanata's elves make them under license for you.

Shannon (IronTexasMommy) said...

Boys and their utilitarianism... But, Patrick... They're cuuuuute! :).

KovasP said...

I think both those pink ones and their fluorescent orange are so obvious you need to run PRs every run to justify them. :)

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