All-Women Bike Tours... Pretty Cool!

Ladies... Want to bike across the United States?  Tour the East or West Coast? Circle the big island of Hawaii? Ride  Alaska? This company offers so many different options, it's incredible.  

How awesome would it be to tour the coast of Italy?  Throw some cheese and crackers in the Bento Box and fill my aero bottle with Chardonnay.  Ciao baby!  (Hmm.. possibly a new racing strategy for the 70.3??)

Here's the link to the WomanTours website

They have a blog, too.   And, I noticed they're giving away some free subscriptions to Adventure Cyclist Magazine.  So, if you're interested, check it out. 

What does the trip price include? All lodging, most meals, van support, supportive leaders, maps, gratuities for restaurants. Not included are alcoholic beverages, personal expenses, cost of van shuttles to and from trip starting points, and airline tickets.

 It ALMOST makes me want to bike more.  Yeah, yeah... who are we kidding?   :)   

(And no, I am not affiliated or they did not contact me in any way shape or form to promote them.)


Patrick Mahoney said...

I'd love to be a fly on a saddlebag for one of these. Or be there when the all guy bike tour passes. They will inevitably speed up when they see the ladies and there would probably be a huge wipe out in the men's peleton as a result.

Jason said...

I'm just going to say --- Ditto what Patrick said.

Jackie Marchand said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence in WomanTours Shannon. We have one membership left to Adventure Cycling to give away. Good luck with your Ironman training. Better you than me, I always say! LOL.

Unknown said...

Sounds like it would be a good time!

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