Scariest. Race Shirt. Ever!

Ok, so I was so excited to pick up my packet for the Monster Tri in Denton this weekend.  My friend Michelle and I have been looking forward to this race all season. It's her first race back after having her baby in July.  (Super mama!)

It's a sprint with a very fun atmosphere.They have adorable logos and last year they gave out super cute long sleeve tech t-shirts and fleece beanies.

Here's what the logo on the sweatshirt looks like this year.... WHAT THE ????  Getting a sweatshirt is awesome, but this?  Seriously? Who looks at this and thinks that anyone in their right mind would wear this out in public?

Here's the cute logos on our Race bibs and on the fleece head band (very cool!)


Unknown said...

HA! That's awesome! I wonder who designs things for races...

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