Training for Charity & Endurance Sports Participation

Amy & me at a
1/2 marathon in  2003.
I ran across an article today that said "A record-high 467,000 people ran marathons in the United States in 2009, according to Running USA, which tracks industry trends — and running for charity has been a driving force. Even if the exact number of charity runners in the country cannot be documented, according to Ryan Lamppa, the media director for Running USA, participants in United States road races from the 5K to the marathon raised an estimated total of $1 billion in 2009."

Those numbers are amazing to me.  I ran my first marathon back in June 2000 with the Leukemia Society's Team in Training.  Without that group, I would never have attempted to run a marathon. I was an occasional 5k runner, at best.  My friend, Amy, said that we should try a 10k one weekend and I honestly thought I was going to die before I finished that race.  I told her that I would "never run that far again in my life."  Less than a year later, with my friends, Amy & Shelley, we ran the Governor's Cup marathon in Montana. They were the ones who had signed up to go to a Team in Training informational meeting and I went along with them- thinking that they were crazy.  They had originally had the idea of attempting a 1/2 marathon in mind, but by the end of the night, we had all signed our names on the26.2 mile dotted line.

It was an amazing experience and I loved every minute of it.  I have gone on to complete 5 marathons (6 by this December and 7 by next May.) I can honestly attribute my triathlon success and drive to complete an Ironman to the day that I signed up for that full marathon.  Because on that day, I made a decision to reach for a bigger dream and I took a chance on myself, that I could accomplish what I thought was impossible. I changed my own life that day, as it has shaped who I am in many ways.  And, I was able to help a very deserving organization in the process. I don't train with TNT anymore, but I am so excited to cheer every one those athletes wearing a purple jersey on in any race that I'm in and still support them through my friends that do.

Anyone else a former TNT'er or other fundraising charity team?


KovasP said...

I've never ran for charity before,but have donated to others. I'm always worried about meeting the minimums.

Jason said...

This is crazy. I started with TNT as well and did the 1/2 marathon with them in Westchester, NY. I thought I would never do a full either and had done 4 1/2 Marys before taking the plunge last November and not here I am going for that HIM. Amazing what can be accomplished.

As for wife and I ride the MS150 from Frisco to Fort Worth and is worth every second. We treat it as an organized ride and don't push too hard (although that can be difficult at times) and just enjoy the Texas countryside.

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