100 Things About Me

My fellow blogger friend, KC, at 140 Point 6 Miles..of Awesome posted her 100 things and I loved reading it, so I decided that I'd share too. I need whatever help I can to get my blogging mojo back. :)

1. I about died doing my first 10k and remembered saying “I’ll never run that
far again.” Less than a year later I ran my first marathon.

2. I don’t drink coffee or like anything coffee-flavored.

3. I drink waaay too much Diet Dr. Pepper.

4. The Marketing/PR profession is listed as the 2nd most highly-caffeinated profession, behind inventors. I’m just doing my part.

5. I don’t Tweet, but I love Facebook.

6. I grew 7 inches between my Jr. & Sr. year in high school. It ended my gymnastics career.

7. Unfortunately getting older has affected my equilibrium and I can’t flip around on a trampoline like I used to.

8. I will never drive a minivan.

9. My mental toughness can be summed up with this- 112 miles on the bike on a 5 mile loop. Alone. No scenery. Windy/cold/ overcast conditions.

10. I don’t like small boats. (Equilibrium issue).

11. I’m claustrophobic and will choose the stairs over an elevator with more than 3 people in it.

12. I love to cook/ bake. You would think I grew up in a huge family with the portions I make.

13. I love stuffing , but only with lemon juice on it.

14. I’ve always wanted to write a murder/mystery novel.

15. I love Cosmopolitan’s, but I’ve never watched an episode of Sex in the City.

16. My daughter is my world.

17. I train for races either during my lunch hour, after 9pm or early on a weekend morning so that I minimize the impact on my family. I deal with a lot of personal guilt when I miss out on time with my little girl.

18. I love bright colored/ funky running shoes. The more obnoxious, the better.

19. I think hockey is underrated as a sport.

20. I’m definitely a dog person. We have 3.

21. I think ballroom dancing is an art, but I’m not a fan of the crazy outfits.

22. I prefer to watch movies over TV shows.

23. I miss living within a short-drive to the ocean.

24. I don’t eat beef and haven’t for 17 years.

25. There are days when I think going vegetarian would be quite easy.

26. I thought about getting an Ironman tattoo all during training. Finished the race and didn’t think about it again.

27. I’m not a girly girl. Having to participate in a ‘spa day’ is like nails on a chalkboard.

28. Birds, like Cockatoos, freak me out. And, snakes.

29. I do what I can to avoid having to go to the Post Office.

30. I learned to swim by watching YouTube videos and some general instruction from a friend.

31. My first tri bike was a $100 10-speed from WalMart. It was fun to pass Cervelo’s with Zipp’s on that thing!

32. I don’t use a heart rate monitor or a Garmin. Just a simple watch with a timer.

33. I suck at doing math while racing. Ok, I suck at math, period.

34. I’m a hugger. I do it almost instinctually and I’ve had awkward encounters. Whoops…

35. I love my iPhone

36. When I was about 8 years old, I was pulled from the audience at DisneyWorld to do the twist with Chubby Checker

37. I love event planning/ hosting parties

38. I have the nickname “Party Patty” due to a certain event that took place in Vegas. What happens in Vegas…

39. I am not a fan of tie-dye anything.

40. I’ve never participated in an exercise class in a gym (Spin, Step, TaeBo…anything)

41. I don’t have the patience for Yoga. It annoys me.

42. I’ve never smoked…anything. I like my clean, shiny lungs.

43. The worst thing about racing for me is having to get up so early.

44. I appreciate sarcastic humor.

45. When I laugh really hard, I sound like I’m hyperventilating.

46. I consider Sushi.. bait.

47. I use ellipses (… )too much

48. My first marathon was with Team in Training. We raced in Helena, Montana.

49. Buttercream icing is my kryptonite.

50. I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of famous people over the years. But, I’m not a giddy, starstuck person.

51. My favorite celebrity conversation was with Tom Brokaw talking about his ranch in Montana, while he was waiting to interview then CA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

52. I think people should focus their efforts on rooting for their respective sports teams, rather than disparaging others.

53. I’ll dance on stage, but won’t karaoke.

54. I was electrocuted a year ago pretty badly when lightning hit near our house. I just happened to be turning on a light at the same moment it hit.

55. My mom has been to every one of my triathlons. She is my biggest supporter and I don’t know what I would do without her.

56. I think everyone should wear a RoadID or something similar and I need to be better at wearing mine more religiously.

57. I almost never wear tops with patterns on them. I’m pretty plain and simple.

58. I took the wrong course at the 2010 White Rock Marathon and ended up doing the half marathon instead. Serious disappointment. Perhaps I should use a Garmin.

59. I love road trips and don’t mind driving.. anywhere.

60. I like going to the movie theater, only because it means popcorn!

61. I’ve never downloaded, played or even seen the game, Angry Birds.

62. I can recite pretty much any Disney Princess movie verbatim.

63. I think Snow White had an undiagnosed learning disability. (see #44)

64. I wish our house had a tornado shelter.

65. I’ve developed a bit of a twang after living in Texas for 5 years. It does not amuse me.

66. I use paperclips and neon colored 3 ½ x 5 cards a lot.

67. In 2004, I weighed more than 30 pounds than I do now. Thanks to a session of Weight Watchers and a concerted decision to make my health a priority, I’ve kept that weight off.

68. I’m thankful that I get to do what I love for a living and I feel like what I do makes a difference.

69. I play Bunco once a month with my neighborhood gals.

70. I’ve been in two rollover car accidents.

71. I’ve never broken a bone.

72. I’d race for pancakes.

73. I love watching college football.

74. I would love to be on the show, “Wipeout.”

75. I like stupid, funny movies (ex. Will Ferrell movies)

76. I would never bungee jump, but I would like to sky dive.

77. I don’t like swimming in lakes. But I made myself a deal that I would only do it during a tri and then I’m out as fast as I can.

78. Using the words, ‘do it’ in a sentence makes me giggle.

79. I’d like to do a shark cage excursion at some point.

80. Mexican food is always a yes for me.

81. I’m a big fan of hand sanitizer.

82. My favorite thing at wedding receptions is watching the older couples dance.

83. I love Dean Koontz novels.

84. Every Christmas, it’s a tradition in our family to watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. That movie never gets old for me.

85. I’m almost always chewing gum while biking and running.

86. I like pepper. A lot. Unscrew the lid.. like.

87. My closet is organized by clothing style and then by color.

88. If I’m listening to music while running, the first song I usually listen to is Aerosmith’s, ‘Dream On.’

89. I really like going to small community fairs/ festivals.

90. I grew up in the Garlic Capital of the World.

91. I use a lot of garlic when I cook.

92. My all-time favorite sandwich shop is Togo’s. They don’t have them in Texas. Can’t wait to visit CA… I will probably eat one every day we’re there.

93. I would have loved to seen Elvis in concert.

94. I used to love doing the Black Friday shopping with my mom when I was younger, but now it’s getting too crazy. Opening at midnight? Lining up a week in advance? People getting trampled? It’s out of hand.

95. I wear socks to bed… even in the summer.

96. I like competing in/ patronizing inaugural races.

97. I take advantage of my own fitness sometimes. Like running a marathon and not training- just because I know I can. It’s not smart.

98. I have some freckles that are in the exact pattern of the Little Dipper. (I found this out after watching the movie, Serendipity)

99. I take a lot of photos.

100. Coming up with 100 things is way harder than I thought.

Ok...your turn!!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Well, congrats, out of the thousands of posts I have read, for the first time ever, I had to take hand written notes to keep track of my comment

- we have 2-3-8-13-18-20-28-29-42-46-50-56-61-71-73-80-85-89-97-96-97 in common

- #19 grrrrrr, your one of "those"

- You should tweet, all the cool and uncool people are doing it

- 9pm??? Really??? I am always so tired at that time

- I hate, hate, hate socks, I can not wear them to sleep in, in fact, I can not sleep with covers over my feet, no matter how cold it is.

- Hockey is the best sport in the world, I love it!!!

Great list

Unknown said...

Such a great list!

I used to play Bunco once a month, but the girls ended up being really bitchy. I miss Bunco. :)

I have a lemon put aside for my stuffing. You better be right! :)

Karen said...

Love these posts except there are too many comments I want to make... :) You and me both on #3. LOVE that your mom has gone to all of your triathlons. So sweet. Oh and - electrocuted, really? YIKES!

Anonymous said...

Wanna go out for Mexican food? We can hug. ;-)

Caratunk Girl said...

LOVE this list.

I totally love these posts, but by the time I get through I can only remember my thoughts on the last few!! Tough getting old :)

Garlic capital?? ha that is awesome.

Jason said...

Running back to back marathons: Not Crazy
I’d like to do a shark cage excursion at some point.: Crazy

TX Runner Mom said...

Love your list! I too love to hug, love Mexican (can I have a margarita?), feel extremely guilty sacrificing family time for training and well, there are lots more that we have in common. Oh, and I've tried sky-diving and bungee jumping...you definitely have the right idea there, sky diving is waaaayyy better!

Anonymous said...

That's a cool list - coming up with 100 could go either way...

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