11 years. Time to end this.

My First 26.2
Governor's Cup Marathon-
Montana 2000
11 years. That's how long ago I ran my first marathon.

And, sadly that's how long my PR for this distance has lasted.

I've run 5 marathons since. Well, 6, if you count IMTX, but I've never broke the time from my first marathon. I'll be honest.  It's mostly because I've never trained for them the way I should.  As I mentioned in my 100 Things, I'm horrible about taking advantage of my own fitness and I've run them undertrained.

I've just gone to finish, have a good time running with lots of people, enjoy the scenery, get a cool medal and I've been ok with that.  (Needless to say it's always been a painful experience during and a few days after, but I've never regretted doing them.)

Celebrating with our coach
and two of my best friends,
Amy & Shelley
I took a break in running marathons for about 5 years.. ok, took a break from about all workouts.  Until I realized I was missing a big part of who I am. Running that first marathon changed me for life. It gave me an appreciation of what I know I could accomplish and ultimately ended up being a driver for me to complete an Ironman. I am forever thankful to my friends Amy and Shelley who talked me into joining Team in Training and running that first marathon and our Coach John who was unbelievably motivating and continues to be a source of daily inspiration.

So, fast forward to 2009.  I was on track to beat my time at the White Rock Marathon, when a first-time marathoner up ahead of me just about took a header into the pavement at Mile 22. He had hit the wall and was barely responsive. I stopped to make sure he had water and waited for medical to arrive. I missed a PR by 2min, 25sec. Bygones.

26.2 or Bust!
In 2010, I was once again on track.  I was pacing with a great group, feeling relaxed and then realized at mile 12 that I had taken the wrong turn and ended up on the half marathon course by accident.  You can read about my EPIC FAIL.. here

So, here I am again.  The week of the White Rock Marathon and I'm looking at my old PR, wondering if this is the year I'll change that PR.  The pace in my training runs point that direction.  I've definitely trained more this year than I have in years past (and that's still not saying much.)

I know I'm not supposed to be racing. I still have back-to-back marathons on 12/31 and 1/1.  I know this should be a nice, easy run so that I can get a training run in the next day.  

But, there's that drive to want to see this marathon be something different.  I'm not talking a BQ or anything. I doubt I'll ever be that fast.  But, a PR. 

After 11 years... I'm ready.


seemomgo said...

You are always such an inspiration Shannon! Relax, have fun, you have the fitness, you have done the training, (even if you dont think you have done enough) your body knows what to do.

sheden777 said...

Shann, you are so amazing! I'm am in awe of you every day. Training with you and Amy is one of the most special times in my life and I will always value that time. I sure miss you. I'm so proud of you. I don't know how you do it but obviously your inner strength is super sized!
Love you and miss you! Shell

Karen said...

This is the year - I am sure of it!

Caratunk Girl said...

You know how you said you just ran to finish? That whole paragraph describes my approach to marathons to this point - so well said.

You are going to rock it - I totally see a new PR in your future!!! Good luck!

Michael said...

Wow, those are some amazing stories. Things happen for a reason as they say. I hope this is the one for you! Good luck getting that PR!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am impressed with 7, I havent done one, well, thats my choice, I dont have a desire yet to do one, its not in the plans in 2012 either

You will do great, enjoy the reward for all your hard work

Mary IronMatron said...

Have an awesome race! This is definitely the one... :) Can't wait to read about it when it is.

Christi said...

I wish you the best of luck. Go into the day and listen to your body. It will tell you how the day will go!

Jason said...

I guarantee you set a PR next weekend. You are in great shape and are mentally prepared to absorb what the day gives you. You will use it as a training run and be surprised at how fast you are going.

Anonymous said...

I hope you get it. 12/31 sounds like a good time to try as well, just in case.

Colleen said...

GO GET IT GIRL!!! The time is now... :)

TX Runner Mom said...

I could have written this post! In fact, I've been thinking about a similar post. I was a "running for fun" kinda runner for many, many years. It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I decided I was ready to get down to business and start some mean PRs. My 1st marathon was also my fastest for a few years and even then, I only beat that time by about 20 seconds..until this year! You can do it...make this your year!

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