IMLou, TMS and Hotter N' Hell...

Hmm.. I, like several thousand other people, must be clogging the web site server trying to check on racers competing in Ironman Louisville today. Just watching the little loading symbol spin around.. and around.. and around. Uggh.

I had a pretty boring work out today out at the Texas Motor Speedway. A 20-mile bike followed by a 5-mile run. I started a little later than normal, so the sun had plenty of time to warm up by the time I hit the run. I swear though, there could not be a breeze to be found in all of Texas, but you head to the Speedway and the wind is coming at you like you're racing in a wind tunnel. It's ridiculous. But, a brick workout is always a good thing, so bygones (Anyone remember that reference from Ally McBeal?")   I found this aeriel photo of TMS that I thought was pretty cool.  If you could see just a little further north, you might be able to see my house!

The Speedway was pretty quiet today, as pretty much every biker in Texas returned on Saturday afternoon from the Cycling Mecca event, the "Hotter N' Hell 100." The ride attracts more than 14,000 riders. It's crazy and something I definitely want to do. Maybe next year. While the numbers are awesome, there are also a lot of bike wrecks. With USAT Nationals just 26 days away, I didn't want to chance being taken down by that rider who decided to borrow a neighbor's bike and having a "go" at the ride at the last minute. My neighbor, Chris went up and did the 100k ride, so I can't wait to hear how it went. Needless to say, I was a little jealous.

So, I finally got through on the athlete tracker and the athlete I'm watching is still out on the run course. She's somewhere between 15 and 20 miles of the 26.2 miles. As I lay here, in my comfy bed, I can't even begin to understand what she's going through. She's been out on the course for a little over 13 hours now. Mentally, I just don't know if I can wrap my head around it. Even after completing a 70.3, just the pure amount of time physically exerting yourself is just amazing.  It is so very inspirational to watch others accomplish their dream!  Send some positive energy her way!!  Go Meredith, Go!


Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

I so want to do HnH next year too!

Ironman should be ashamed at their server performance today -- I was trying to track two buddies, unsuccessfully.

Amy said...

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