You Found My Blog... How? Congrats and Hall of Fame inductee

Quick funny today...

Nope.. never reviewed this stuff

I was looking at my Blog Stats and these were some of the Key Search Words that people used to find my blog:

* Chicken fajitas+texas longhorn

* Does bucees accept lone star ebt

* Brain doesn't know 

* Getting squirreled

The last one is my favorite, because I can't believe someone actually searched for that... I thought I coined the term.   Apparently they're not finding me by searching triathlon or anything tri-related!  I wonder what goes through their mind when they find my blog(!)

A big congratulations to Mandy at Caratunk Girl and Jon at SwimCycloRun for amazing finishes yesterday at Ironman Lake Placid!  I stalked tracked them pretty much all day!

Thanks to Jason at CookTrainEatRace for inducting me into the B-Hall of Fame.  I am very honored and humbled to be part of your inaugural class!

I was the recipient of my own online medallion - that is actually pretty cool, despite the fact that my teeth look freakishly weird.


Humor me.. what are the funny search words used to find your blog??


Jason said...

I don't have any really funny terms now with Wordpress but the all time high is the word Greatness (but that is because I have a pic of Muhammad Ali)

Also, you earned your spot in the Inaugural Class of the B-HOF.

Tricia said...

so far all of my searches have been pretty reasonable like "why do I crave carbs all the time". I ask myself that often ;)


I'm Mr. "Too many to count" on the Hall... hmmmm

Do we get a money award or just the medallion??

Julie said...

That is to funny...I can only imagine what they are looking for when the search "getting squirreled" LOL!

I get some funny ones too. I think more people find me looking for food. oh yea and Mario Lopez without his shirt. :)

Tri4Success said...

Strangest searches are "no swimming sign" and "shark attack in progress", both of which I think are the results of some graphics.

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

That is pretty funny!

Just went and check mine and they are lame:

#1: Dangle the Carrot
#2: Triathlon Blog
#3: Triathlons

With all the crazy shit I have posted over the years you'd think I'd have some good ones?

Karen said...

My biggest search terms aren't really too out there... the main ones by far are "warrior dash strategy" and "warrior dash costumes". Third place is "toenails running". Lovely.

Katie said...

i think my strangest one yet is "group showers with a chicken." I mean, WHAT?

Melissa C said...

mine are pretty lame too.

I do have "a spanking", probably refering to how much faster someone else is than I am.

The rest were Ironman 70.3, Ironman 70.3 Muncie, and lots of Bob stroller references. My top viewed post ever for my family blog is my review of the BOB double stroller. It gets hits every week, and is almost 3 years old!

Austin said...

"triathletes are douchebags"
"ism adamo chafing taint"
glad they found me...

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