Tentative Road Trip - Need your East Coast Ideas!!

Woo hoo!  Here's the tentative road map for our USA Triathlon Nationals trip.  

So far, we're planning on: 
- Touring Graceland
- Going to the Louisville Slugger store
- Seeing Niagara Falls
- Compete at Nationals
- Step our toes across the Maine border (so we can say we went there too)
- Possibly see Fenway Park
- Spend a day in Washington DC
- Beach day in Virginia Beach
- Pirate Excursion in Myrtle Beach

(Click for a larger version of the map)

But, what else?   We'll be driving through a lot of states and would like to add some destinations to see.  Lighthouses?  Plantations? I don't know. I'm a CA girl and definitely not East Coast savvy.   Definitely concerned about visiting bigger cities and dealing with traffic/ parking, etc.  

It will be my mom, daughter (3 years old) and me.   So, activities have to be active-toddler friendly.  Casino's, museums, any place you have to be quiet or requires a lot of walking... are pretty much out. I'll be shipping my bike back to TX from VT, so we won't have it on the back of the car at that point, thank goodness.

Our entire trip will take about 2 weeks.  We won't always have full days to sightsee, but if there's places we shouldn't miss, please let me know!!

(P.S.   My mom and I went to NYC two years ago, so we'll bypass there this time)



You could always ride IM Louisville bike course.....or not...

You pass by Williamsburg VA. That has lots of historical sh*t if you are in to that... The only reason I know that is that is where my first wife went to school (I know...TMI)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Can tour the Louisville Bat Co plant

I would also goto the man vs food site and see what there is to eat along the way

I see you are going straight through our territory, I hope you at least wave

Tri4Success said...

I grew up in Virginia so I can't fit it all in a comment. DC takes a lot of days to do so you need a clear plan for what you want to do in that 1 day. The thing that should be on your list is Baltimore Inner Harbor. The National Aquarium there is superb and there are boats to explore (clippers, WWII subs, etc.). Always a good 1 day family outing. I may have to shoot you an email for the rest.

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

hmmm ... okay see you are passing through Buffalo. Stop at the Anchor Bar and have wings - they claim to have created Buffalo Wings -- pretty good too!

Then I would hit Erie (you could go to the Beach at Presqule Bay (sp?) I remember it to be a nice area. Then head south on 79. Skip Ohio at all costs! (hehehehehe) 79 will take you right into Pittsburgh and you can go get a Primanti Bros sandwich and if you are lucky the upstart Pirates will be in town and PNC PArk it the best ballpark in all of MLB.

From here you can take 70 into Baltimore/DC or cut West Through Kentucky and head home. The Inner Harbor in Balt is pretty nice and the Aquarium is 2nd to none. However, the rest of Baltimore is a freaking shithole so don't go wondering outside of the Harbor.

If you do go to DC the Natural History museum is very cool. The cafeteria in the basement is way over priced though.

If you want to go shopping in DC let me know and Annie can probably write you a step-by-step journal.

Oh you could also check out Busch Gardens too. the little one would have fun there!

Jason said...

Stop in Philly and get a Cheesesteak and see the Liberty Bell and other cool items in Philly.

Great city.

Colleen said...

It looks like you are going to be eerily close to me! Wanna do lunch? :)

Shannon (IronTexasMommy) said...

@Colleen: Of course! We're still working on the details of where we're going to be and when, but I'd love to be able to meet up with you! :)

@Jason...I think they'd look at me funny when I order a Philly Cheesesteak (Hold the Steak!) Ha! I'm not quite the herbivore that you are... but I don't eat beef. :)

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