Sufferfest and Sweatfest

Last Night- Sufferfest: 

I sucked it up and tried out my first Sufferfest
workout, "Fight Club" on the bike trainer.

Here's the description:
The Fight Club workout was designed to build power over longer durations, while increasing leg-speed through 23 (!) unannounced ‘attacks’ that will challenge you to accelerate and then recover while still making a massive effort. And to make you wish you never heard of The Sufferfest. But we won’t take that personally.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, right?

So, instead of just wishing to be faster and stronger, I pushed myself, changed out my sweat-drenched towel and went at it some more.

I attacked when directed almost to the point where I thought the bike was going to launch off the trainer.  I stood up, pushed the big gears and gave it the 10/10 effort that it wanted.  I finished exhausted, but with a big grin.  Heck yeah.

Would I recommend these?

Absolutely!  IronTexasMommy will be back for a lot more! 

This Morning-  Sweatfest:

Met my "mentor" for an early morning track workout focused on drills and speed drills.  400m sprint / 200m recover.

Over and Over again.   (Did I mention we have a forecast of over 100 for the entire week + humidity?)

My idea of a sprint is about 100m.. tops. Once.

It didn't help that part of the group running with us was  a couple of high school kids that were tall and lanky and ran like gazelle's.  All-State track champions.... or something like that. 

Them:  4-minute mile pace
Me:  I think they just lapped me and we're only supposed to go around once

Oh well, I know I have work to do. Transitioning from long and steady to fast and controlled is going to take a lot of work.  Stride, high knees, quick arms... I've got quite a bit of fixin' to do (as they say in Texas).

Hope you're all having a great training week!


TRI714 said...

love that !!!

Jason said...

IronSufferMommy....I am loving that you are back in the saddle (so to speak!)

Melissa C said...

We LOVE the Sufferfest over here. My hubby did them all winter long and is even more of an animal than before. We only have 1 trainer, so we can't do them together. I will sometimes do the workouts (minus watching the DVD), and they kick my rear!

Christi said...

Where can I get the sufferfest?

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I really want to try out sufferfest, cheaper then Spinverals, but I only have a desktop and I dont want to deal with the wrath of someone finding out I put Mercy and her trainer in the den.

Tri4Success said...

I think this is great. It takes a certain mindset to even try a Sufferfest video. Nice job! Changing how you fire your muscles is a challenge and speed will be your reward.

BTW, what distance are you doing at the Disco Tri?

Christy said...

Awesome job! We are having horrible high temps too. I'm doing a mock 70.3 tomorrow and I'm so nervous about the run because it is going to be hot hot hot!!!

Looking forward to hearing about the progress!!

Colleen said...

Okay so I've never heard of suffer fest, but it sounds awesome! :) Not like fun awesome, but good workout awesome!

Great job on the workouts!

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