Back in the Saddle

Team Aquaphor 2011
I've made a slower-than-anticipated recovery back from Ironman Texas.  The hyperextension/ hamstring issue put a big damper on my biking and running, so I did the right thing for once.. and actually rested it. 

My first venture back into racing was the Mansfield Sprint Tri on June 19.  I signed up on a whim because I was kind of hoping it would just kick my tail into gear to get back to consistent training. 

It wasn't my best race, but I took 1st in my Age Group and was the 4th Female Overall.  I'll take it.   Unfortunately, I over-compensated for my injured leg and ended up straining a muscle in my calf in the other leg.  Uggh!  More rest.

Blake, Me & Michelle
So, now I'm pretty much healed up.  I did the Fit-N-Wise Corporate Relay Tri with my co-workers on Saturday and our team came in 3rd in the Mixed Relay division out of 10 teams.   I was up at 3:30am to make it to the race venue by 4:30am to help set up and handle registration.  Needless to say by the time the race started at 7am, I was ready for a nap! :)

Blake did the swim, Michelle did the bike and I did the run.  Talk about pressure.  The run was only 2 miles, but it was painful 2 miles!  You're full out sprinting the entire way.  I started out in 3rd position, got passed by a guy like I was standing still (where the heck did he come from? I am NOT going down in 4th position) and then was able to overtake the girl that originally started the run in the 1st place position. I left my lungs somewhere on the course after the first mile, but kept going.  Overall, it was a fun tri.  It was my first relay attempt and would definitely do it again. 

My next race is this weekend at the Disco Triathlon in Denton.  This race is just about as fun as the name sounds.  Disco music, people wearing gold chains and afros, and a 70's band rocking out at the finish.   I have several friends doing this one, including Michelle, Marcy, Jason & Allison. Plus, I'm looking forward to being able to represent Team Aquaphor!

Next up after Disco is the USAT Age Group National Championships.  Can't wait to post about this trip soon!  It is going to be an amazing road trip! 

In future racing news.... I've officially been challenged by BigDaddyDiesel to compete against his blog team "Team USA"  as part of the awesome bloggers "Country of Texas" team (including Jason, Allison & Jeff) at the American Triple T in Ohio in 2013.   I had never heard of this race, but the minute I read about it, I was ready to sign up. 

Three days of tri events! 

Friday:  Super Sprint Tri
Saturday Morning:  Olympic Tri
Saturday Afternoon:  Olympic Tri
Sunday Morning:  Half Iron Tri

 That just has AWESOME written all over it!   Add that to getting to race with my blog friends would make it a weekend to remember!


Christy said...

Good to see you again!!!! Looking forward to hearing about Disco.

Julie said...

Glad to hear you are all healed up.

Sounds like you have some fun stuff coming up! Can't wait to read about it all.

Christi said...

Yay, you are back. I have missed your posts.

Congrats on your recent tris! And good luck at your upcoming ones. The Disco tri sounds very fun!

I can't wait to see the throw down at the American Triple-T!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I was thinking the other day when you might post again, happy to see you back

Triple T is going to be a blast, blame Jason and Jeff for the rivarly. Team Usa has Colleen (Irondiva), her hubby Tom, Kevin from Ironman by Thirty, MattyO and his wife, trying to get Mandy from caratunk as well.

Tri4Success said...

Glad to hear you're back in the game! Tri relays are a blast. In fact, I'm pulling together a team for the US Open.

Have fun at the Disco Tri! Julian will be there as a spectator with his tri coach while I have a duathlon that morning. Haven't registered yet. Now I'm half-tempted to see you and Jason in action.


The average non Iron person doesn't realize how long it takes to fully recover from 140.6...

Triple T is supposed to be gruelling. A retired blogger i know did it last year and she said it rivals an Ironman in terms of what you feel like afterwards.

Katie said...

glad to hear you are healing! triple t looks TOUGH!

Jason said...

Say it loud, say it proud:


We are going to stomp on the them.....LOL!

Can't wait to see you this weekend.

Colleen said...

Texass ain't got nothing on O-H-I-O!!!! :) We're excited too!

Holy smokes girl - you came back guns-a-blazing - awesome job! I'm super impressed!

Can't wait to hear about nationals. I did get your message about me qualifying for it, but we just don't have time in the schedule to do it. :( I would have loved to have met you!!!

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