My Daughter's First Triathlon - In Pictures

Pre-race breakfast of milk, cheerios and
a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

"Pookie" had her first triathlon this weekend at the Hooty's Kids Triathlon in Decatur, TX.  The hospital that I work for puts this on and she had a blast.

Unlike some other races, this one is completely laid back and parents are encouraged to be with their kids at every point during the race.  At 2 1/2 she was the youngest one in the race, so we just were there to have fun and to do whatever she wanted to do. 

Here's some pictures from her big day! 

Fellow blogger, Chris from Tri 4 Success was also there with his kids.  They did awesome!  Here's a link to his Race Report!
Getting Bodymarked

"It tickles!"

Technically still "2", but went with the USAT
Age of 3.   Youngest competitor! :)

Ready to swim!

Transition Set-Up
Huggin' on mama

Getting ready for the Under 6 division, 25-yard swim

Dog paddling our way down

Finishing strong!

Heading to T1

"But I want to go swim..."

Gramma helps out with the change

Out of T1 to the bike!

This is as far as we got on the bike.  She wasn't
having it.  Ok.  No problem!

Let's go run!  Much happier! :)

She makes her move on the straight-a-way

She stopped to pick some pretty flowers for
Mommy & Gramma. 

All finished!

Finisher's Medal
Post-race swim fun.  My little mermaid!
A big, pancake breakfast at IHOP!
Mmmmm... bacon!


Richard said...

that. is. awesome.


I see a Kona slot in the future!!

Tough Chik said...

Love it! I wish I started that young :)

Heidi Austin said...

How awesome you should be so proud! Love the lil kid tris:) congrats to the both of u :)

Colleen said...

This was the best race report I've read in a long time! She did amazing! :)

Lesley @ said...

Pure greatness!!! I saw her in my brother's photos and commented that she looked like she didn't want to get in and Chris said that she wanted to get in NOW instead of hear the meeting. Too funny. Congrats little one!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

That is pure awesomeness!!! When I finally have a family, I envision a family of endurance athletes, racing together. I hope it happens, if it doesnt, I will keep racing

Karen said...

TOO CUTE! Every tri bike should have streamers :)

Christi said...

That is absolutely awesome! You are creating a strong woman there!

Jason said...

This is just flat out awesome, but you forgot to make a sign for her and use your cheerleading skills to jump with it.....are you slipping? Has taper madness set it?

What day are you heading to The Woodlands and at what time?

Tri4Success said...

Surely the prettiest transition area ever. It was great meeting both of you. That girl loves the swimming pool!!!

As an FYI, there is a similar event in Keller in October -

Jon said...

OMG that is so awesome! As a 2 year old, she is prolly ranked nationally WAAAAAAAAYY higher than most of us mere mortals ;)

The post race breakfast @ IHOP has me cracking up!

Congrats to her!

Ginger Spansel said...

Precious!!! Loved it!

Allison said...

so precious....she is so cute!! You look fabulous too!!! Maybe I need to train for a full IM :) skinny-minny :)

Can't wait for the Hula Girl in August :)

Christy said...

How precious!

Tri4Successmom said...

It was great getting to meet both of you. Look forward to see you guys in October. She did so AWESOME!

Melissa C said...

That is the cutest thing I have ever seen! (and as a proud momma myself, I have seen a lot of cuteness!)

Katie said...

WOW! I love that you were able to do this with her!

Anonymous said...

I need a basket on the front of my bike! Thats what is missing!!

That, was super cute :)

Joe and Melissa said...

So adorable!

Donna said...

That is soooo cool! I'm certain you are proud!! My Daughter is 6. She's doing her first Kiwanis Kids tri this weekend. She's the youngest one in the group!

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