Crazy Train

Sunscreen FAIL
"I'm going off the rails on a crazy train!"   -Ozzy
82 mile bike yesterday afternoon... 14.5 mile run this morning! :)
* I took a half day off on Friday to get my 5 hour ride in.  It was a gorgeous 80 degree day.  Winds were nasty as usual at the Texas Motor Speedway, but this was my longest ride to date, so I was pretty excited to hit another milestone. 

* I sprayed sunscreen on like crazy... but apparently the winds blew it off before it hit my skin.  Well, at least it's going to be an interesting tan line. :P

* Putting on a sports bra to go run this morning was excruciatingly painful.

* I didn't succumb to using that as an excuse as to not go run.  I actually ended up adding an extra couple miles to the run, just because I knew I could.  (My foot is feeling great!)

* Leaving to go down to the Woodlands next weekend to ride the majority of the IMTX course.  I can't wait!  If you told me last year that I would be excited about riding 90 miles, I would have fallen over laughing.

* Riding 90 miles will be my "taper" for my half iron the following weekend.  Or is the 1/2 Iron my taper week...  bwhwahahah... crazy train.

* I've had a rough couple of weeks with some let-downs and now I'm back to my normal, happy self and having so much fun with this training.

* At the end of next week, I will have surpassed my entire training total for the bike of last year.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend of training!


shannon said...

Girl, you are amazing! I must say, however, putting on a sports bra over that nasty sunburn must have been super painful. Yikes!! :)

Kovas said...

"At the end of next week, I will have surpassed my entire training total for the bike of last year." That is truly amazing!

Michael said...

Wow, you've had some amazing training numbers. I can't even imagine training for an IM at this point. That sunburn looks painful - yikes!

Christi said...

Great training cycle! Yes, the pun was intended. I hope you have a great ride at the Woodlands.

Damn, that sunburn looks like it hurts but what great sign of training!

Julie said...


Way to go on the bike and run! My numbers are not near yours but I sometimes think the same thing...this is crazy! But in a good way right? :)

Jason said...

That is one sick tan line you got going there.

You are awesome and I can't wait to recover next week while riding with you to prepare you for IMTX.

Big Daddy Diesel said...


Allison said...

Ummmm OUCH!!!! Aloe and lotion up so you don't itch too bad while healing!

you are amazing and such an inspiration! Glad you are feeling better :)

Luke said...

I look forward to beign at your level on the bike one day.

ANd that picture is hot!! So much it burns.

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