New Look and Quick Link

I've been wanting to play with the design of the blog since I've started it, but haven't had much time.  I'm much better at graphic design than I am at web programming. HTML makes my head hurt.  Although, I'd really like to learn more.  One day. (Hint, hint.. BRV.)

So, watcha think?  I've got to figure out how to manipulate the columns to get my information the way I want it and set up some links, but this has got to be better than that silly green grass clipart-looking thing.  :)

I've also purchased the domain,  So, no more having to type in .blogspot.  It just looks cleaner, although it re-directs to the Blogger site in the header.  Anyway, that's my excitement for the day.  Went on a bike at lunch today.  The weather was so gorgeous.  I didn't want it to end.  Cool, crisp air and a nice breeze without an ounce of humidity. 


Kevin said...

Looks good. I can do some graphics work if you need it.


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