Help choose my hat for IMTX!

I've decided that IMTX deserves a new running hat.  What do you think?

Hat #1

Hat #2

Hat #3  (Afterall, it is Ironman Texas, Ya'all!)


Big Daddy Diesel said...

#2 though I am biased being a Brooks lover

Christi said...

I like hat #2 for during the race and hat #3 for after the race!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Just my 0.02 BUT from my experience running a million marathons and my 140.6 last year in 85 degrees, I would def not wear a hat of any kind, not even the one's that are supposed to be vented (which I have dozens of). I would definitely, 100%, go with a visor. I love Headsweat brand visors and highly recommend. And they come in styles just as cute as the one's you have posted.

Shannon (IronTexasMommy) said...

I so wish I could wear a visor!! But, unfortunately I have thin, blond hair and the top of my head burns quickly. :(

I wore a visor at the 70.3 last weekend and my scalp was a crispy critter.

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

OK, well we don't want for your head to burn then, so I'll pick hat #1 and then hat #3 for the after party!

Katie said...

bwahahahaha. hat 3 all the way!

Tri4Success said...

How could it be anything other than hat #3 which also provides much needed carbs?

JenniferLeah said...

send me hat #1-I'll wear it to cheer you on
wear hat #2 while running
wear hat #3 after running

In all honesty, I love both hats so go with whatever hat is MOST comfy for you.
Best wishes for an amzing race!!

Jon said...

Use all 3! Hat #1 for loop #1, Hat #2 for loop #2, Hat #3 for loop will need the beer to numb the legs and mind @ that point ;)

Colleen said...

ooooh... They are both cute! I like #1 better.

Jason said...

numero uno....and I love that training is going so well that we are focusing on are going to be so awesome on the 21st of May.


Alexa said...

ummmm.. HAT #3 FOR SURE!!!!!

I am from rural Pennsylvania. I'm pretty sure that hat would be ok there as well.

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