Well, Hello There...

Went to the local grocery store tonight and this greeted me in the produce aisle.  ---->

Ahhh... would it be weird if I had just put him in my shopping cart?

Maybe just standing next to it would give off some bike mojo?

I think some photoshopping is going to be in order.

I (heart) Lance.  :)


Colleen said...

We have a picture of my husband standing next to that same cutout at our gracery... it was late and he had been drinking and insisted on getting his picture taken with Lance. :)

Aimee said...

Ha ha...that is awesome! :)

Shannon (IronTexasMommy) said...

If I had someone to hold my phone for me, Lance and I would have been sharing a moment... no alcohol needed. Ha!!

Jason said...

3 years ago prior to my triathlon life and life of living in Texas I lived in New York and worked in NYC.

I got out of an interview in Columbus Circle and was on the phone with my now wife (she was already down here) and I said to her....Lance Armstrong just ran past me. When at the same time the lady pushing the baby stroller had this look on her face that said do I chase him with the stroller or leave the stroller here and go look.

Fortunately she did neither but just said.....was that him??

My brush with Lance.

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