Ironman Texas Training Began TODAY!

30 weeks or 206 days.  However you look at it... THE JOURNEY HAS STARTED!!

This last week has been a transition period- from finishing out the 2010 triathlon season and sprinting (!) to beginning marathon training and now this week, I begin IM training.  Not much of a rest period, that's for sure. But, switching gears to start going "long" is an adjustment.

White Rock 2009
I had a great 12 mile run last Saturday morning.  That was seriously double  the longest run I've completed in more than 3 months.. at least?  Nothing like crash coursing into marathon training.  I'm only 6 weekends away from the White Rock Marathon, so I have a lot of running to catch up on. I had a nice invite from Jason over at Life of An Aspiring Triathlete - also running White Rock- to join him for a 16 mile run, but I was afraid I wouldn't be able to hang.  Trying to take it slow and easy and trying not to get injured, but thanks Jason!  You Rock!  (We'll train together at some point - promise!)  

Ironman training (today) consisted of a 2,500 yard pool swim at lunch and then a 10k run this evening.  The run is more than what is called for, but I'm having to adapt to keep my mileage up.  I'm typically swim between 1,500 and 2,000 during a session, but at a greater intensity, so upping the mileage wasn't too bad- but still seemed like a long time to be water-logged.  My swimming will be dropping from 3 days/ week down to 2 so that shouldn't be so bad.

As always, I have my wonderful swim partners to thank (Blake & Michelle) for keeping me motivated in the water.  I've always preferred being a "wolf pack of one" when it comes to training, but I always enjoy their company.

Hope everyone is having a great week.  :)


Jason said...

Thanks for the shout out and we will train together. Just not this weekend as I will be in Mississippi and then next weekend is the DRC 1/2, but we will get there.

And this is a classic line. I have the movie DVR'd and might have to watch it while making Aimees (ITRITOBEME) pumpkin latte for my wife.

I am racing the Cooper Fall Sprint Tri in McKinney next Saturday as well. Are you going to be there?

Lastly, and most importantly.....YEAH for Ironman training. I am so excited for you and you know when you need a partner I am there.

Colleen said...

That's exciting that you started IM training. Your race will come so fast... enjoy the build up and know that it's all worth it in the end! :)

Mel said...

So exciting!!!

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Wow ... and so it begins! My IMTX training is starting on Dec 6th -- exactly 24 weeks from the big dance.

I have ridden the middle portion of the bike course about a dozens times now and know it pretty well. My Tri club is probably going to plan a bunch of rides Feb-April on the course. I'll let you know the dates when we schedule them if you want to come down and join us!

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